Dear Editor:

 I enjoyed reading Moshe Hill’s article on the corrupt media this past week, and I especially liked how he never mentioned President-elect Biden but just referred to him as Joe Biden. This, while Warren Hecht takes a victory lap, shockingly thanking President Trump for all he has done for Israel (interesting timing). Warren thanks a WhatsApp group that has been published in the Queens Jewish Link that supports his views, despite writing anonymously. I thought that putting a name to the Letter to the Editor was mandatory or at least mentchlich.

Most of my friends tell me that there is no chance that Trump will win, despite all the proven cheating, as the courts, media, and politicians are all in the fix. What I do wonder is how is it satisfying winning an election fraudulently? What happened to the greatest democracy in the world?

 Michael Rollhaus


Dear Editor:

 I’m often in agreement with Moshe Hill. However, in his latest column (“Media, Exhausted From Rigging Election, Prepare To Hibernate”) Mr. Hill is disassociated from reality. He doesn’t accept the reality that Joe Biden is the president-elect (“should Biden be inaugurated in January”).

I’m a proud, active Republican who voted for Trump. However, though the election especially in the swing states was close, the fact is, he lost. And I’m not about to participate in an effort to torch democracy and disregard millions of lawfully cast votes in a desperate effort to have Republican electors vote for Trump when the Electoral College votes on December 14. Thankfully, judges (including Trump-appointed ones) have tossed cases brought before them alleging fraud. Though I’m sure that there was fraud in this election as there always is, it was not sufficient to change the outcome. Attorney General Barr agrees.

The insane rhetoric used by Trump and his cultists that he actually won the election that was “stolen from him” is a source of embarrassment for Republicans and is putting the crucial Georgia Senate run-off races in jeopardy.

Please come to your senses, Moshe!

Arlene Ross
Forest Hills, New York


Dear Editor:

 The issue of fraud is no longer a question. It is a fact. Even if one were to ignore the hundreds of affidavits, the video in Georgia tells the story.

The video shows that everyone was cleared out of the room and counting was stopped. The video then shows four people resuming the counting at one a.m. without observers present. In addition, it shows these people grabbing some ballots from suitcases that were under the tables. Counting without observers violates the election rules and the law requires that the Georgia count be set aside.

In Wisconsin, there were many mail-in ballots that were counted contrary to law. In Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona, we find the same problems.

The bottom line, mail-in ballots were done to help steal the election. The law and the facts are on Trump’s side. I hope the Supreme Court does the right thing and overturns this fraud.

Let us daven, give tz’dakah, and call elected officials (especially in Georgia).

 Martin Berkowitz


Dear Editor:

This Week’s Headlines

“In final effort to save his presidency, Trump declares White House ‘autonomous zone’ so he can be president forever”

 “Biden working on stopping the spread of peace in the Middle East before it’s too late for another war”

 “New study finds strong connection between supporting socialism and not understanding economics”

 “In keeping with Obama precedent, Biden orders pen and phone so he can bypass Congress”

 “Fauci: ‘We need a one-size-fits-all approach to address the pandemic, exactly as the Founding Fathers intended’”

 “Report: Biden to have most diverse cabinet yet consisting of socialists, communists, Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists and Trotskyites”

 “CDC issues new guidelines, says it’s now ‘150 years to flatten the curve’”

 “Study shows link between politicians issuing pandemic restrictions and not adhering to said restrictions”

 “Damaging photos surface of Moses not wearing mask during Egyptians plagues”

 “In response to lockdown failures throughout the nation, Bernie Sanders says ‘True lockdowns have never been tried before’”

 “Op-ed: If Socialism Has Failed So Miserably, Why Did Over 100 Million People Sacrifice Their Lives for it in the Twentieth Century?”

 Rafi Metz