America, home to me,

Land of Democracy,

Our final exile.

Children of Israel,

Risked all, set sail,

Fled pogroms and wars

To reach your golden shores.


Sojourned in your cities,

Fought for your liberty,

Reaped opportunity,

From sea to shining sea.


Some left their faith behind

For enlightenment of the mind.

Recast simply as humankind,

Culturally refined.

Others worked for the social good

Or the fantasy mills of Hollywood,

To prosper, celebrate, and laugh,

The modern golden calf.


Kept up with our neighbors adjacent,

We’ve grown confident and complacent;

Enjoyed a lifestyle filled with pleasure,

Almost thought it would last forever.

Then COVID hit,

Could this really be,

The end of all stability?

As America falls to her knees,

We search to interpret G-d’s decrees.


The COVID pandemic may light the fuse

To empty America of its Jews,

Bring us to g’ulah, rank and file,

Ending this, our final exile.


If ensuing with the Dems’ success

We’ll see Socialism and lawlessness;

When anti-Semitism spikes, we’ll know,

It’s time to go.

Bye, Sleepy Joe!


If Trump wins his second run,

Flight could then be halcyon.

No longer under the gun,

Our heads held high.

Though times would still hold great conflict,

Our exodus would be less panicked.


In any case, Mashiach will inspire

The Jewish Nation, with righteous fire.

Awakening our souls’ desire,

The Sh’chinah’s light will vastly expand,

Beckoning us to our Holy Land.


The nations who despised us

Will reverse their view,

Saying, “Now we know – G-d is with you!”

Eisav will tell Yaakov, “G-d’s blessing is yours!”

We’ll gladly leave these golden shores.

From every corner in the world, without fail,

Jews will rush home, to Israel.


We’ll say, “Goodbye, and thank you, USA;

It’s been a fairly pleasant stay.”

Our long journey’s last port of call,

The final exile of them all!


By Sharon Marcus