Goodbye, America,

The America I knew;

Fortunate are we,

Privileged to have known you

In times of comfort and prosperity,

Well-being and security.


I remember my childhood

Going to the World’s Fair,

Industry’s promise

Glistened everywhere;

Many nations represented

A spectacular sight,

You were a diamond among them

In beneficent might.


Chuck Schumer,

Your masters are proud of you:

Nothing but a self-hating Jew.

You once knocked on doors

On Brooklyn’s Batchelder Street.

Your rise to prominence

Knew no defeat;

Your catchphrase then

Was “Zachor, zachor!”

You forgot all about that,

Won it all, yet want more.


Nancy Pelosi,

Your venom and bile

Suit your Spanish Inquisitor style;

You’ve blamed Trump all along

For the crimes you committed;

The true story omitted,

Lies and slander transmitted.


Trump will pay for his sins,

As we all will, I guess;

The new order will continue

To attack and suppress,

While adjuring this country

To coalesce.


Before leaving Egypt,

Hashem had the Hebrews request

Gold, silver, fine garments,

There was no protest;

Egypt was destroyed,

Desolate and bereft,

No lure to return,

There was nothing left;

Like a trap without bait,

No wealth to captivate,

Like a net without fish,

No culture to cherish.


It’s the end of an era

For the United States;

Like Egypt, her enchantments


Drained and depleted

As a second world nation,

With Socialism’s implementation.


The Cherubim embraced, smiling,

As the Beis HaMikdash fell;

For redemption draws closer

With each evil spell;

Though unpredictable and volatile

Our history,

Faith’s the courage

To live with uncertainty.


Father, please lead us out,

Save us from the mayhem;

Redeem us,

Take us to You

As Your People again.

Grant our survival,

Strengthen our hand;

Lead us once more

To Your Holy Land.


By Sharon Marcus