In the beginning,

B’reishis –

The creation of our world

Is complete.

Sh’mos ends with the creation

Of the Mishkan –

A place for Hashem’s Glory

To rest upon.

Three keywords:

“Work,” “complete,” and “blessed,”

Are prevalent

Within both texts;

In each accounting, paradigms

Of key words in each

Found seven times.


G-d’s creation of the world,

Builders of the sanctuary,

The alignment of the two


The partnership is clear,

The parallels traverse

Our Mishkan, a micro-cosmos

Of Hashem’s universe.


Both constructed with

Wisdom and precision,

Vehicles of HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s

Divine Vision

Before the golden calf;

When we fell in perfidy,

Hashem had prepared

The Mishkan, our remedy.


Copper mirrors, contributions

The women gave

From Egypt, from the days

When they were still slaves,

They kept faith in G-d’s promise,

Saved their husbands

From despair,

These builders, raised legions

For G-d’s army there,

Moshe’s hesitation

To accept them

Was not the right call,

For to Hashem, they were

The most precious gifts of all.


From the days of old

To the present tense,

We are cheilek Hashem –

G-d’s Inheritance.

The seven heavens, the galaxies,

With trillions of stars,

Many worlds, including

This amazing world of ours

Under His command,

Celestial beings of pure fire,

Yet, above all, Hashem says:

“It is My people that I desire.”


The Mishkan was never

Destroyed or captured,

Bore testimony

Of forgiveness conferred,

More precious

Than the universe

Of G-d’s sole creation,

Built in partnership

With His treasured nation.


We are still the builders

The sanctuary,

Our home,

Where we welcome

HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s

Blessing and shalom.

May we soon build the third

Beis HaMikdash, then

May Hashem dwell among us;

May we be His Crown again.


By Sharon Marcus