Extolling the virtues of our unique neighborhood - and why you should stay

I’ve heard it many times before,

In other towns you get much more.

More bang per buck is what they say,

So much for less, why should I pay?


So to justify my seemingly unwise decision,

I compiled a list with a great deal of precision,

Of just what I purchased, when I put money down,

And decided to settle in our “pricey” town.


Our house is not big, yet it fits all we need,

From my small kitchen, lots of mouths I do feed.

Garage and porch, four bedrooms real nice,

Fireplace, attic - all in the price.


Though we don’t have a private backyard,

A small front lawn makes gardening not hard.

Our communal drive – an attraction to all,

It draws kids together to bike and play ball.


Wherever you live, Main Street’s not far,

All you need without getting your car.

Big kids go alone, chauffeuring is done,

Pizza and ice cream, such convenient fun.


We boast many schools that really excel,

So many good choices, all do so well.

In addition to that, our kids always say

We don’t have traffic at the end of our day.


We bought in a place that is a makom of Torah,

A shul at each corner, one for every mesorah.

Chesed programs help us assist one another,

Meeting the needs of Jewish sisters or brothers.


A community with friends for my family and me,

Who help us be the people we have wanted to be.

There never is much pressure to fit in one mold

Or to change who we are to be part of the fold.


We live in a place where you constantly meet

All types of Jews as you walk down the street.

A heartfelt “Good Shabbos” is how we often greet,

Kids learn to love others, a monumental feat.


But the best thing about Kew Gardens Hills

Is how simple life is minus the frills.

On the outside our homes all look the same,

We don’t play the silly “outdo him” game.


Parked on the block, my old Camry looks fine,

My neighbor’s car is as vintage as mine.

I am thrilled when I need to go shopping for food,

I don’t need to dress up, I go out in my snood!


Clothing from Target is mostly accepted

Kids don’t need brand names to feel they’re respected.

Fancy vacations are not yet the rule

Jib Lanes is busy on days off from school.


So although my house may be a bit small

Despite my lost space I’ve not lost at all.

Little by little, I’ve learned to make do,

And now what I value is living near you.


So I hope you take in consideration,

As you continue home deliberation;

You’ll realize our prices cannot be beat,

Just measure your home in more than square feet.


I’m grateful our shul has led us to Queens,

We’ve learned so much what community means.

It has worked out so well for my family and me,

If you’re not in Israel, Queens is where you should be!


You’ll realize our prices cannot be beat, Just measure your home in more than square feet.

 By Yael Marcus