How pleasant are Your paths,

HaKadosh Baruch Hu?

How fortunate are

Those who trust in You?

Avraham’s trust and faith

Took him far,

His destiny risen

Above the stars.


Avraham walked before You,

His faith did not falter;

When he bound Yitzchak

Upon the altar,

This brave act,

Its eternal worth,

Forever transcends

Heaven and earth;

Limits of teva

Miraculously suspended

To render plans of harm

To Your children



Israel, endowed with knowledge,

Every benefit,

The cosmos are unlocked

Removing all limits.


In defense against the nations

Who hold Israel’s destruction key,

You grant Avraham’s descendants

Insane technology!

The brilliant minds and strategists

Of Israel’s “8200”

Work nonstop, keeping

Israel five steps ahead!

The free-wheeling insight

Of these invaluable super-achievers

Proffer off the hook ingenuity

That holds no barriers.


A defender often needs

To protect limitless space;

An attacker needs

Just one weak link,

One vulnerable place.


Iran’s Natanz

Nuclear facility

Infiltrated by Stuxnet malware,

Stifling centrifuge capability,

“Gospel” target acquisition


Detected land-based algorithms

With satellite coordinates.

Most terrorists launch rockets

From concealed sites, underground;

With “Gospel” tech, disturbances,

Like digging, can be found.

The Iranian presence in Syria

Encoded and camouflaged

Their top-secret evil plans,

Targets to be sabotaged.


There is no target of threat

This technology can’t crack;

Weapons can be neutralized

Before Israel’s attacked.


Many nations war against the Jews,

Prophecies say.

The whole world

Will stand against Israel One day,

But Israel’s Defender

Is keeping score:

World powers

Mean nothing to Him,

G-d is a Man of War.


Hashem Yir’eh, You look down

At the Akeidah’s location,

Mount Moriah, starting point

Of this world’s creation,

Where the two Batei Mikdash

Stood by Your command,

The third to be rebuilt by You,

Forever will stand.

May we continue to see,

In days to come,

How without limit

Is the shield of Avraham.

By Sharon Marcus