A woman of valor

Who can find?

Diligent in judgment

Yet, gracious and kind;

Shlomo HaMelech

Describes in length

Sarah Imeinu,

The Eishes Chayil,

A pillar of strength.


Sara Imeinu

Didn’t make the headlines

As did Avraham,

The man she stood behind;

But every minute

Of each day

She was granted to live

Steadfast in her principles,

She was a force to be reckoned with.


Avraham’s kindness

Is what defined him,

Sarah provided the essential

Midah of “din.”


When slandered by Hagar,

With hostile disrespect,

Though humble, Sarah stood up,

Her response was direct.


Hagar’s son, the archer, Yishmael,

Saw Yitzchak as prey,

Sarah saw the danger,

Compelled, rightly

That he be sent away.


At the Akeidah, Avraham

Staunchly stilled his compassion,

Offering on the altar

Yitzchak, his beloved son;

His kindness had found judgment,

Sarah’s mission was complete,

Avraham had reached perfection,

Sarah’s soul was released.


For her burial,

Avraham found Machpeilah

And its fields suitable,

Bought in her honor,

First founding

Jewish title in Israel.


Subsequently, As King David

Neared his time to die,

His heir, Solomon, was written off

By Prince Adoniyahu;

Bat-Sheva advocated

With the prophet Natan,

David kept his word, at once ending

The mutinous spell.


Besuel, Rivkah’s father,

Ruled Aram Naharayim;

When Eliezer asked for water,

Rivkah lowered her pitcher for him,

The task was beneath

Her rank, yet, still

Rivkah ran, fetching water

Till all his camels

Drank their fill.


Rivkah’s nurse, Devorah,

Who cared for the young lass,

Was promoted by Hashem,

To judge and prophetess;


How blessed

The eishes chayil

In her, Hashem delights,

Righteous daughter

Of Israel

Who quietly does what’s right.


Their actions still serve us

When all is said and done,

Their deeds live on forever

In the Jewish Nation.


By Sharon Marcus