(Courtesy of Hazorfim) Looking for an original Shavuot gift that’s sure to please? Think of one of the luxurious vases from Hazorfim’s exclusive collections to showcase your beautiful blooms. Flowers and greenery presented in a Hazorfim vase cannot fail to bring joy and pleasure, whether as a gift for a kallah, the mechutanim, a new mother or someone special to whom you want to show your appreciation. Hazorfim offers a wide selection of unique styles, from traditional to ultra-modern, including crystal vases with sterling silver detailing to all-silver vases, sure to accommodate every taste and budget. The Hazorfim name is known for its outstanding quality craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic designs on a full range of Judaica and lifestyle products. Check out Hazorfim’s newly opened flagship store on 4424 13th Ave. in Borough Park, Brooklyn, as well as the Williamsburg branch on 67 Lee Ave. Hazorfim—for those special times when you want to give the very best.