Question: What is the proper date of the first yahrzeit, the date of death or the date of burial? 

Short Answer: The Mishnah B’rurah rules that the yahrzeit is observed on the date of death in all years. However, many poskim, including Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, disagree and rule that where the date of burial is three (or possibly, even two) days after the date of death, the first yahrzeit is observed on the date of burial and all subsequent yahrzeits are observed on the date of death.

Question: Should a burial be delayed more than one day in order to enable a close relative to attend the burial?

 Short Answer: A burial should not be delayed even until the night or next day. However, many poskim allow delaying a burial less than 24 hours in order to enable additional relatives to attend.

Question: May the same person serve as sandak for two children in the same family?

 Short Answer: While the Rama appears to disallow it, many allow an important person or close family member (such as a grandfather) to serve as sandak more than once for the same family.