Yotzeir or u’vorei choshech, oseh shalom u’vorei es ha’kol.

…who forms light and creates darkness, makes peace, and creates all.


The word “borei” means that Hashem created something from nothing. Darkness is an actual creation from nothingness and not merely an absence of light.

The word “yotzeir” means formed or shaped. Light was “formed” (designed) “to point out its especial importance and its exquisite cunning and purposefulness... The sun’s rays actually are the life of the earth. The millions of tons of solar energy that pour down every minute comprise the sole source of all the processes of life and even most of the processes of inorganic matter.” [quote and concept from Praise, My Soul, by HaRav Avigdor Miller zt”l]

“Oseh shalom” – “Shalom means unity. It’s not just about settling disputes; it’s about perfect harmony, seamless energy, and complete union. Eliminating strife in marriage is merely the first, most basic level of shalom bayis. In an ideal Jewish marriage, peaceful coexistence gives way to something much loftier: oneness. Husband and wife become one, united in mind, spirit, and purpose.” [Your Wife, YourSelf, by Rabbi Dovid Rosman, published by Feldheim]

This definition of peace is especially fitting for the phrase “oseh shalom u’vorei es ha’kol.” The world functions with stunning efficiency, despite the conflicting nature of its components. This is because “Hashem makes peace” (oseh shalom) between His creations to accomplish His united purpose. Hashem created everything with an all-encompassing wisdom, enabling all objects and forces to cooperate successfully for His united purpose.

An example of this is the blood vessels in our body. The blood vessels transport blood throughout our bodies. They transport blood cells, nutrients, and oxygen to the tissues of the body. They also take waste and carbon dioxide away from the tissues. If the blood vessels were removed from an adult’s body and laid out in a straight line, they would stretch 100,000 miles! The human body is truly miraculous to an extent we cannot even fathom. The blood vessels are delivering life-sustaining nutrients and removing harmful waste at the very same time, without the nutrients being contaminated by the waste.

The sun, the oceans, clouds, wind, soil, and more all cooperate in harmony to produce rain when and where Hashem directs. We anxiously await the day when all human beings will unite in perfect harmony, seamless energy, and complete union in recognition and service of Hashem.


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