The Shmuz On The Parshah

Finding Our Place

In Parshas VaEschanan, we read about the Arei Miklat, the Cities of Refuge for those who...

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“You shall not allow a sorceress to live.”

Sh’mos 22:17


The Sefer HaChinuch explains that the mitzvah to destroy sorcerers is based on the foundation that Hashem created a perfect world. Everything in this world has a plan and a purpose, and everything is in exact balance. To maintain a perfect physical world, Hashem created a spiritual world to guide it. From the stars and planets, down to the trees and grass, behind every physical entity is a spiritual counterpart that is responsible for its existence. Chazal tell us, “No blade of grass grows without an angel guiding it (B’reishis Rabah 10:6).”