One Of Israel’s Greatest Rabbis, Renowned For Hundreds Of Phenomenal Miracles

The Great Neck residents are getting excited! The Rebbe is coming again. Hardly a year has passed since the Biale Rebbe of Bnei Brak has visited Great Neck, yet hundreds are excitedly anticipating the return of their revered Rebbe. Although the Rebbe has been visiting not one year and not two, but annually for some years now, every year the sensation repeats itself. Every year when the Rebbe arrives at the house where he lodges, the place becomes a public source of attraction as hundreds of people of various standards and types gather. The street becomes a hive of activity as lawyers, doctors, lay leaders, rabbis, educators, ranging from Hassidic to modern orthodox mingle as they flock to the Rebbe’s house. From early morning until the small hours of the night the streets resound with miraculous tales of unnatural miracles seen and experienced firsthand as a result of the Rebbe’s blessing.

Everyone wants to understand: What is it that draws so many people to see the Biale Rebbe again and again? What is it that causes thousands of people from different backgrounds to seek the Rebbe? What is it that brings people with no semblance to Chassidim to cleave to the Rebbe with all their might, involving him in every move they take in life? At every occasion, be it happy or sad their first phone call is to include the Rebbe! What is it that unites young boys and elderly? What brings the former ambassador, Mr. David Friedman, to visit the Rebbe? Many other prominent rabbis and highly significant political figures from the American and Israeli government can be recognized amongst the Rebbe’s visitors any place between California, Florida, New York, and New Jersey.


Your Chasan Is Waiting For You, Go Buy A Watch And A Tallit

The time in Israel is 5.00 a.m. when Rav Friedman, the Rebbe’s gabbai phone rings. Harav Friedman recognizes the American number and answers immediately. “Mazal Tov, mazal tov” he hears the voice from across the Atlantic call. The excited parents of the 27-year-old girl who just became engaged have called to share their news immediately with the Biale Rebbe. This is the story they relate:

We have known the Biale Rebbe for many years. Our entire family is extremely close to the Rebbe and at every family occasion the amazing miracles as a result of the Rebbe’s blessings are retold. Last year when the Rebbe visited New York I decided that the time has come for me to ask the Rebbe for a blessing for my daughter. My daughter is a talented excelling girl who has been in shidduchim for several years but as day follows day and week passes week, she has yet to find her destined. As the years passed on, we decided to seek the Rebbe’s blessing, I arrived with my wife and daughter to the Rebbe. The Rebbe reads our names and says: “your chassan is waiting for you. You are to go immediately and buy a gold watch and a tallit for your chassan and soon you will call me with good tidings.

Of course, we immediately purchased the gold watch and the tallit and here we are, a mere four months later, happy and delighted.


A Community Whose Youth Are Dwindling

This happened two years ago. At that time the pandemic was raging and caused several changes to the Rebbe’s travelling agenda. The Rebbe was travelling to the North of New York and was invited to spend a Shabbat in a new developing community which he had never visited before. It was a very special Shabbat with the whole community attending. The Shabbat meals were held outdoors in skylight and the songs were sung behind masked faces. The community members who were honored to have the Rebbe in their midst filed in one after the other to receive his holy blessing. And...within a short period – Mazal tov! The son of the gabbai of the shul gets engaged. Two weeks later the son of the president of the community gets engaged! Mazal tov! The gabbai’s daughter also announces her engagement and so does the son of the Rebbe’s hosts! Less than twelve months after the Rebbe’s visit with the community and close to ten members of the small community have found their destined match! The following year the Rebbe is officially invited to visit the community, this time the tisch was held in the synagogue’s hall. People came from far and near to receive the Rebbe’s blessing, including the delighted brides and grooms as well as those who are still waiting. All wanted a blessing from the Rebbe whose blessings are fulfilled.


The court case was annulled

Antisemitism is as ancient as the world itself. For thousands of years, it has reared its ugly head. Our acquaintance, an honorable Jew who manages and honorable business came face to face with it. One day without prior notice the police barged into his house and searched his home. He was handcuffed and taken in for a tough interrogation where he was accused of illegal dealings. The Jew denied everything but the police insisted they had proof of the illegal deeds.

He alerted his lawyers and the bitter truth was revealed. A former employee who was involved in crime and was serving time decided to save his skin and have his term shortened by informing on his former employer. He was his witness in court. After investigating the case the lawyers informed our friend that the situation looked grim as there was a strong case including a witness against him. He was told to prepare for the worst. The Jew was released on bail, one which consisted of a huge amount of money. He turned every stone and rent the heavens with prayer to be saved from his plight.

One day his neighbor tells him that the Biale Rebbe is visiting their town. This Jew was not even allowed to leave his home but he decided to send his wife with a note with all the details and beg the Rebbe for a bracha. The Rebbe shlita was deeply touched by the troubles and the wailing of his wife and children and he informed his entourage of his desire to visit the man in his home and bestow his blessing upon him.

It was late in the evening when the Rebbe arrived at their home. The Rebbe listened carefully to the whole story and heard how the children of the accused were being prepared for the possibility of having their father leave them for a long time…. One cannot describe the heartrending sobbing that was heard at the meeting. A young woman, with several young children all crying together and begging for a miracle.

The Rebbe lifted his eyes and asks them: “Do you believe that Hkb”H is capable of everything? Do you really believe that everything can change for the good? The Rebbe asked about several issues conducted within the home, gave them guidance how to strengthen their ruchniyas. He also advised them to accept several new kabbalot upon themselves and then announced: “I have faith that this decree will be annulled. In the merit of the kabbalot you just took upon yourself, Hashem will perform unnatural miracles.” All those present felt like in a dream. It just seemed so unrealistic. Everyone was totally prepared for the worst to happen. Suddenly the lawyer receives a call from the complainant. He sounded embarrassed and was stammering incoherently. It seems that the antisemitic so-called witness was involved in a heavy fight with other inmates and was beaten to death by his fellow prisoners…. The sole witness was dead and the case was called off! Our friend received a note from the attorney’s office notifying him that the case was closed due to lack of evidence!

The entire family of the accused as well as all of those who were present at the time of the Rebbe’s visit to his house were delirious with joy and surprise as they came to thank the Rebbe for his prayers and miracles. All but the Rebbe. He merely said: “Didn’t I tell you that Hashem can perform a miracle?”


Moving to Teaneck? You’ll have a tinok!

This sounds like a play-on-words. The word Teaneck in English is similar to the word tinok in Hebrew, which means “baby”. However, in our case it was not merely a play. It actually happened. We married and began our life together. We lived in a big city progressing in our life goals, except for the fact that our prayers for children went unanswered. As time passed, we began medical treatment. Unfortunately, we could see no light at the end of the tunnel. One day, after a very disappointing consultation with a specialist, who gave us no reason for hope, I went down to pray at a synagogue that was in the area of this medical Centre. It was there that I saw the leaflet informing of the Biale Rebbe’s impending visit. I made an appointment and asked the Rebbe for a blessing. The Rebbe encouraged me not to give in to despair. A year passed. The Rebbe is in our area once again. We go in to him for a blessing and we tell him that we just bought an apartment in Teaneck, New Jersey. The Rebbe says: “Mazal tov! Teaneck! Tinok! – you will soon have a tinok - a baby.” The doctors were just as surprised as we were when within a year of moving to Teaneck, our baby was born.


The Rebbe Saved Us From Bankruptcy

A well-known business man is also waiting to see the Rebbe. He tells us that he met the Biale Rebbe by mistake; I was invited to a tisch that the Rebbe conducted in my neighborhood. The week I met the Rebbe was the worst week of my life, that week seemed like all the fortune I made my whole life is lost. The bank was about to foreclose everything. I didn’t sleep the entire week and didn’t see a way out of the complication, not knowing what’s going to happen to me and my family.

As I said, accidently I saw the Rebbe at the tisch. At the Kiddush the Rebbe spoke about trusting in Hashem, and that a Jew should never give up and a Jew is above nature. I felt that the Rebbe is talking to me, to my soul. On Motzaei Shabbos, I came to take a blessing from the Rebbe. The Rebbe, who didn’t study business in MIT, told me to set a time every day to learn Torah and to respect my wife. The Rebbe told me to speak with bank manager himself with no attorneys and no one else. The Rebbe guided me to do some spiritual stuff before the meeting, the Rebbe even guided me on the phone and encouraged me in my hard days, till now I have no clue how it happened, but here I am-my house in not on foreclosure, and my business is growing with Hashems help, and everything with the Holy Rebbe’s blessing. 


The Rebbe Shlit”a

Twenty-two years ago, The Rebbe was barely in his early thirties when the yoke of leadership of Biale Chassidus Bnei Brak was thrust upon him. His greatness and guidance reached far beyond the borders of Bnei Brak as the Rebbe chose to draw his brethren from all over the world close to him by encouraging and helping them. The Rebbe is leader and mentor of a most respectable chassidus which is centrally based in Bnei Brak and has branches in Jerusalem, Beitar Eilit, Ashdod, Bet Shemesh and Modiin Eilit. This has added a new\old hue to the leadership of Biale chassidus. Every day hundreds of people from varying backgrounds, Sephardim and Ashkenazim alike. Ultra-orthodox and those who have just donned a kippa, from Cholon to Bat Yam, Beer Sheba to Eilat, all stream to one address. The Rebbe opened his door and his heart to the whole of klal yisrael. Welcoming them with his compassionate heart and warm smile. People enter his room carrying a heavy load of troubles and worries however when they leave they are lighthearted and hopeful.

Biale Chassidus’ holy lineage stems from a holy sage named Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok from Peshischa. This revered tzaddik lived some two hundred years ago and was known to all as the “holy Jew” – ‘The Yid Hakadosh’ from Peshischa. He was a disciple of the holy “Chozeh of Lublin” who was a direct fourth generation descendent of the holy Baal Shem Tov. The Yid Hakodosh was the greatest of Polish Rabbis, Rabbi to the leaders of Gur, Kotzk, Alexander and other great luminaries. Generations of tzaddikim in succession continued the tradition of the “Yid Hakodosh.” This chain was continued from father to son until the flame was kindled in our generation by the holy tzaddik and Rebbe – Reb Yechiel Yehoshua from Biale, may his holy memory be blessed. He was the grandfather of our revered Rebbe, a direct descendent of five generation to the Yid Hakodosh.


The Chelkas Yehoshua

Prewar Poland boasted of the Rebbe’s grandfather, Reb Yechiel Yehoshua Ztk”l as one of its’ greatest leaders. However, his fame reached a pinnacle during the terrible Holocaust when he uncompromisedly sanctified Hashem’s name, first in occupied Poland and later in the freezing Siberia. His selflessness was indescribable. When he reached Israel all the great Rabbis acknowledged him as a great tzaddik. He was defied and honored as an angel in a mortal world.


The Lahavas Dovid

Next in line was the Rebbe’s father, the holy Rabbi Dovid Mattisyahu ztk”l. he was renowned and famous for his purity and greatness. During his lifetime his father appointed him as head of yeshivas Biale. During his travels throughout the world he revived the broken hearted with his moving prayers and heartfelt talks. People were drawn to him from afar. His tall handsome profile reminded many of his holy father’s image.

The Rebbe continues to tow this beautiful golden chain. However, he does not suffice with leading his own community. He is concerned about the welfare of all of Klal Yisrael. Several times a year he leaves the comforts of his home and visits countries and communities where no other Chassidic Rebbe has ever spent a Shabbos before. He embraces those who have strayed. He strengthens, encourages, motivates and directs until another Jew has found his way back to our Father in Heaven.


The Father Of The Orphans

The Rebbe’s institutions are famous throughout Israel. The center is based in Bnei Brak, and there are branches all over the country. However, his favorite project is the welfare of “his” orphans. The Rebbe is father to fifteen biological children and countless of grandchildren. However, hundreds of children throughout the world call him “Father.” Amongst the many institutions which are under his auspices is the yeshiva gevoah called “Mishkan Shimon Biale,” which is situated in Beitar Eilit. Batei Midrash and kollels for young men are spread out in Bnei Brak, Jerusalem, Beitar Eilit, Modiin Eilit, Ashdod and Beit Shemesh. However, the institution for widows and orphans are under the Rebbe’s direct administration. This fund supports the widows and orphans studying in the Rebbe’s institutions. The desolate orphans receive everything they need of the best quality and quantity. This includes clothing, shoes, scholarship, dorm service and of course pocket money. All this is naught compared to the personal attention the Rebbe bestows upon them. As far as the Rebbe is concerned they are his fully adopted children. His house is their house, their worries become his own. The Rebbe is following after their studies and makes sure they have personal tutors. Point in case - the Rebbe who had just returned from a trip to the USA one Erev Pesach told his driver to take him to visit his orphans directly from the airport. His own family and children can wait – his orphans come first. Upon his arrival the Rebbe gave each orphan gifts and pocket money enough for everything he needs for yom tov. Only then did he make his own way home to his family and yom tov preparations.


Outstanding development in Biale institutions in Israel

For many years, the special institution in which the Rebbe’s “children” reside is an old building in the town of Beitar Eilit which is close to Jerusalem. The building lies in close proximity to the borderline and faces directly the Arab town “Hussan.” The Arab inhabitants have a daily view of a Jewish Torah town developing right in front of their hate-filled eyes. The town is part of the “occupied territories.” The building is old and dilapidated. In the winter the rain leaks in, in the summer it is more of a furnace. This year the Rebbe reached a decision: no more!  “My wonderful children” deserve better! In recent months a new campus is being built on Kedushas Levi St. in the heart of Beitar Eilit. The campus will include spacious classrooms, computer and game rooms, a fully equipped dormitory and a modern kitchen, for the welfare of the students for whom the building is home.

In addition to the above, a huge chesed center is being built on Daf Hayomi St. The Rebbe is renowned for his acts of chesed. He is the first address which needy widows and orphans turn to. Truckloads containing everything possible are sent on every erev chag to provide the needy with everything they need for yom tov. Clothing, shoes, fish, meat, chicken, goodies and last but not least a hefty cheque to lighten their sorrow filled hearts. Very often the Rebbe takes part in weddings where he acts as the “father” on both sides.


Around The Clock

As day turns to dusk in New York, the phones in Israel become alive! Now it is the Jews of Israel’s turn. They call non-stop asking the Rebbe for blessings and advice. it is the Yidden in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and New Jersey who are calling. It makes no difference, they are all his children. Hundreds of emails are sent to the Rebbe’s office daily, and the Rebbe devotes precious hours to answer them personally. He carries these requests with him and remembers them in his daily prayers. The burden becomes his own. He is with them in their sorrow and delights in their happiness. Seven gabbaim are employed throughout the day to provide immediate response to the thousands calling the Rebbe.  How happy are the gabbaim when they can inform the Rebbe of another baby born a couple engaged or yet another miraculous turn of events!


Education And Marital Happiness

Amongst his other vast talents is the Rebbe’s deep understanding in matters of education. Parents worldwide call him for advice in education dilemmas. Very often the Rebbe’s advice leaves the parents in surprise. Yet it is this very unique approach which eventually brings about a positive change to the entire family. Homes which were full of strife and angst are now happy, warm nests. So too, many issues of marital distress were solved by applying the Rebbe’s insightful advice. Restoring peace at home is high on the Rebbe’s list of priorities. Many hopeless couples who were already applying for divorce had a miraculous turn-about, enabling the holy shechinah to dwell in yet another Jewish home.


The Rebbe Knows!!

A couple enters the Rebbe’s chambers, The Rebbe looks on the kvittel and tells the husband “you have to honor your wife! If you will respect your wife your problems will be solved. The woman burst out crying. This is the first time they meet the Rebbe, and he is aware of everything going on between the couple. The Rebbe is unconcerned about the tens of people waiting outside and patiently expounds on the importance of domestic peace. The Rebbe gives them detailed instructions how to bring their hearts closer. The Rebbe tells them that the key to happiness and success as well as nachas from their children lies in the respect shown between the parents. And so, another couple exits with a happy smile on their faces. After a while the Rebbe’s secretary receives a note from the wife saying: the Rebbe saved our marriage!!!”


The Rebbe’s Lodging

These days are happy days for the residents of Great Neck as they are anxiously preparing to meet once again with their beloved Rebbe.   The Rebbe will be staying in Great Neck, from Sunday July 17, till Monday, July 25, at the house of the honorable hosts Mr. & Mrs. Imanuel & Mehrnosh Piroozian @ 4 Soundview Lane Great Neck NY, 11024.

Now the residents of Great Neck have this unique opportunity. If you have not yet had the merit of meeting the Rebbe and would like to book an appointment for a personal consultation, blessing or advice, call the Rebbe’s private secretary now! (English speaking) telephone no. 917-272-40-45 or WhatsApp 516-231-0379 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don’t miss this opportunity!