Do you ever wonder what people really think about you? Whether they think you’re brilliant, caring, and fun; or lazy, self-centered, and boring? The truth is, you’ll never know; people only talk about you openly when you’re not in the room. In these situations, don’t you think it’s possible that people might put you down, say negative things about you, or even make fun of you behind your back? After all, we’ve all been in the room when someone else was gossiped about. Gossiping is such a common occurrence that it almost seems to be human nature. We all know people who can find something bad to say about anyone, criticize anything and everybody; words of negativity easily flow from their mouths. But why do we have the desire to put other people down, to speak negatively about them behind their backs?

You can tell a lot about people based on how they use their time. When we get home from school or work, how do we view our free time? Do we ask ourselves how to waste the night away, how to most easily and enjoyably make it to tomorrow morning? Or do we take full advantage of our every moment, attempting to squeeze out as much potential as possible from each and every day? When the alarm goes off in the morning, do we jump out of bed like a lion, ready to conquer the day, or do we hit snooze again, again, and again? As human beings, we find ourselves stuck within time; so the question we face on a daily basis is: “How will we use our time”?

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