This past week, HANC High School Principal Rabbi Slomnicki, along with Director of Israel Guidance Rabbi Avraham Ismach, visited our Alumni spending the year studying in various yeshivos and seminaries.

Rabbi Slomnicki and Rabbi Ismach visited students in their respective yeshivos and seminaries all over Israel, showing our alumni how important they are to the HANC Family. Maintaining close relationships with alumni is greatly emphasized at HANC, and it is one aspect of HANC that truly stands out. Additionally, our alumnae were excited to spend time with Morah Fink on her visit the week before.

Members of the Class of 2021 were reunited on Wednesday, March 9, as they were treated to a delicious dinner at Piccolino (Italian dairy restaurant) in the heart of Yerushalayim. The alumni gathered once again as they caught up with each other, sang songs, and shared beautiful divrei Torah. We were delighted that Morah Nomi Zanjirian, who recently moved to Israel, joined us. We look forward to sharing many more reunions in the future.