Question: May one wear a protective (i.e., surgical or N95) mask outside on Shabbos in a place without an eruv?

Short Answer: According to both Rav Asher Weiss shlita and Rav Hershel Schachter shlita, one may wear both masks outside on Shabbos in a place without an eruv.

Question: Now that we are davening in our homes, must we daven at the same time that we normally daven?

Short Answer: Assuming that there are no more minyanim in Queens, one may daven at any halachically valid time, and does not need to daven at the same time as his now-canceled minyan. However, if there are rogue minyanim still taking place in Queens (chas v’shalom), it is unclear if one must daven at the same time as these rogue minyanim.

[I am taking a break from our regular series to present some articles on various halachic issues that have arisen because of the coronavirus. May the z’chus of these halachic discussions bring a r’fuah sh’leimah to all those who need it].

Question: Assuming the CDC and our g’dolim allow such a minyan (which they currently do not), may a minyan be formed among ten men, each standing on his own porch and each a significant distance from the other?

Short Answer: It is unlikely that such a minyan could be formed based on the physical set-up of KGH houses, as the streets and driveways, as well as garbage pails would separate the men. Rav Hershel Schachter shlita has also recently ruled that this does not constitute a minyan.

Question: What should be done where a bris milah was performed before the eighth day?

 Short Answer: While some poskim rule that hatafas dam bris (i.e., symbolic drawing of blood) is necessary where a bris milah is performed before the eighth day, the Rama disagrees and rules that it is unnecessary. However, even the Rama agrees that a milah performed at night requires a subsequent symbolic drawing of blood during the day.