Sammy lived in a strange world. From the moment one entered adulthood, the government placed a special belt on them, one that was impossible to remove. This belt served to keep everyone in order. If someone defied a law, or misbehaved, the belt immediately administered an electric shock. The worse the offense, the stronger the shock. Everyone’s private lives were monitored closely, so there was no escaping punishment.

One Of Israel’s Greatest Rabbis, Renowned For Hundreds Of Phenomenal Miracles

The Great Neck residents are getting excited! The Rebbe is coming again. Hardly a year has passed since the Biale Rebbe of Bnei Brak has visited Great Neck, yet hundreds are excitedly anticipating the return of their revered Rebbe. Although the Rebbe has been visiting not one year and not two, but annually for some years now, every year the sensation repeats itself. Every year when the Rebbe arrives at the house where he lodges, the place becomes a public source of attraction as hundreds of people of various standards and types gather. The street becomes a hive of activity as lawyers, doctors, lay leaders, rabbis, educators, ranging from Hassidic to modern orthodox mingle as they flock to the Rebbe’s house. From early morning until the small hours of the night the streets resound with miraculous tales of unnatural miracles seen and experienced firsthand as a result of the Rebbe’s blessing.

The screen flipped on, and the film began. It was a documentary of an exceptional human being who had achieved his ultimate perfection. He faced enormous challenges in his youth, but they made him stronger and pushed him to live a life of idealism, centered around learning and spreading Torah wisdom. He built an idealistic community designed to help everyone achieve his unique mission in this world. He married a true tzadekes, raised a beautiful family, and devoted his entire life to connecting with Hashem and contributing to the lives of others. He wrote books, finished projects, built up organizations, and changed the world.

There is a strange recurring phenomenon throughout Parshas B’reishis: The Torah first describes one model of creation and then proceeds to depict a completely different, even contradictory picture of the same creation. For example:

The Aseres HaDibros are an expression of the oneness of Torah and the root of our connection to Hashem in this world. As we mentioned in our previous article, there is a powerful connection between the specific commandments on each side, as well. Each individual Dibrah on the right parallels the corresponding Dibrah on the left. Together, they make up a unified whole of connection to both Hashem and one’s fellow man. While we already explained the unique connection between the first four pairs of Dibros, we still need to understand the deep and unique connection between the last pair.