On Sunday, May 10, Project Lead held an extremely uplifting and successful couples event at Simcha Palace in Kew Gardens Hills. Several dozen couples from the Bukharian Jewish community participated in the event. The featured speaker was Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, a noted clinical social worker, college professor, and author, who presented his 13 Beliefs in maintaining marital harmony. He urged couples to be more sensitive to their spouses and other family members and provide praise and positive reinforcement on an ongoing basis. The evening included a four-course dinner, special Mother’s Day gifts, and a photo booth that provided color photograph mementos. The event was coordinated by Naama Asherova, a Family Services Coordinator at Project Lead.

Rabbi Avrohom Hecht, Executive Director of Project Lead, noted: “The majority of participants at tonight’s event are former youth participants of our programs 20 and 30 years ago. We are extremely proud of the educational, professional, and social accomplishments of our young leadership. The fibers of our communal structure are truly strengthened by the successful development of our precious young people. Kudos to Councilwoman Lynn Schulman, City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, DYCD, and private donors for funding the event.