Arthur Schwartz was 110 pounds when liberated at Auschwitz. He had been in eight concentration camps. The youngest of nine children, he was the only one to survive. “What I saw was unbelievable.”

His long-time friend, Leon Sherman, was born in Cmielow, Poland, in 1928. Sherman clearly remembers being checked and separated from his three brothers, sister, and parents at his first concentration camp in Blizyn, Poland.

Sam Hersley was born in Krakow, Poland. He worked as a metal worker in a factory until getting injured. He then did the grueling task of digging sand. While digging one morning, he wandered off to go to the bathroom. Thought of as trying to escape, he was transferred to the notorious block 11, specially designed for political prisoners.

Robert Lindenblatt was born in Budapest, Hungary. He survived by hiding and getting protective paperwork from the Swiss ambassador, Carl Lutz.