This past Motza’ei Shabbos, the Yeshiva Sha’arei Zion family of schools successfully held their 11th annual Gala Dinner. The extraordinary event, held at Da Mikele Illagio, highlighted the Yeshiva’s sacred mission of instilling deep Sephardic heritage and tradition into their talmidim and talmidos. As the guests, consisting of notable rabbonim and community leaders, made their way into the hall, they were greeted by the yeshivah’s choir, led by Rabbi Aviel Azizi. It is of utmost importance for YSZ to continue teaching songs and niggunim in Nusach Yerushalmi and Bukhari, a unique goal of the yeshivah. With this vision in the forefront of the yeshivah’s every intention and goal, it was only appropriate that the theme of the night was “Making a Dream a Reality.”

Menahel Rabbi Ephraim Ben-Mordechai addressed the guests, emphasizing the importance of keeping the Sephardic heritage alive, along with the steps that the yeshivah takes in order to achieve this objective. This was followed by a video for each division of Yeshiva Sha’arei Zion, giving the parents an inside look. The keynote speaker, Rabbi Eli Mansour, took the stage and highlighted the importance of parent involvement in our generation. He encouraged the audience to limit screen time and shield their children from the impurities of the world. The evening closed with Principal Rabbi Avraham Fridman updating the staff and parent body with a video of the new school building, stating, “With this new building comes another dream becoming a reality for the yeshivah.”