Orot started this past week with a beautiful class given by Rebbetzin Leah Maksumov on the deeper meaning behind the Sh’moneh Esrei prayer. After the class, the Orot girls were treated to a trip to Jib Lanes for fun and games as a reward for completing their weekly davening challenge. Last week’s reward was delicious ice cream at Max & Mina’s! This coming week, the girls can’t wait to enjoy a pool party in a beautiful private venue!

During the weekly Orot Wednesday program, Mrs. Idy Tauber, guest speaker, addressed the topic of the Beauty of Shabbat. Mrs. Tauber is well known as the founder of Shabbos Glory, an organization that runs several Shabbatons throughout the year for women. It was inspiring to witness the love that she has for Shabbos and to hear various tips on how to observe and enjoy the long summer Shabbasos. We learned many new things while enjoying pizza, sushi, soda, and snacks. Thank you, Orot and Ohr Natan, for all the hard work and dedication in organizing the speakers and activities. Summer would not be inspiring without Orot’s presence in our lives!




Orot is the youth girls’ division of Ohr Natan, geared towards girls ages 15 through 25. Weekly classes are held every Wednesday evening, every other Shabbat, and on Sundays during the summer months, at 98-88 Queens Blvd. Orot has sponsorship opportunities for the many programs it runs, and dedication opportunities are available in memory of a loved one, for a r’fuah sh’leimah, shidduch, or parnasah. Call Adina at 929-313-2177 for more information. To join the upcoming retreat for teen girls, call Miriam at 646-934-5815.

By Shira Shimunov, Orot member