The first Sunday of June was the annual Celebrate Israel Parade. Although it feels like a distant memory, its reverberations are still being felt. With over 40,000 marchers and even more spectators lining the streets, this year had to be one of the best parades. The energy was amazing, and the theme “Rak B’Yisrael” was a major reason why. Over 65 schools participated, and each was judged based on its presentation, enthusiasm, and overall appearance. Ezra Academy was recently informed that they were awarded third place in this year’s parade. Aside from the tremendous pride the school feels for this recognition, it is also accompanied by a monetary prize given by the JCRC, the organization that coordinates the parade.

We would like to thank the students who oversaw the design, drawing, and painting of our stunning banner: Jacob Kaplan, Sofia Izrailova, Baruch Natanov, and Ilana Aminov. Aliza Davidov and Nathan Murdach also deserve special mention for their creative and cool t-shirt design, which merged the logos of the Tzahal and Ezra Academy.

There were thousands of small steps taken at the parade; this is another giant step in Ezra Academy’s achievements and accomplishments.