The month of Adar is always an exciting time of the year for both children and adults. Every year, the Adar ruach at YTM is amazing. Starting with the Rosh Chodesh Adar treats and continuing with the many masquerades and mesibos, it is a very happy time in school.

An annual highlight of the Adar ruach at YTM is the pre-Purim breakfast on a Sunday morning before Purim. The Kindergarten through third grade boys had a pre-Purim breakfast together with their fathers and grandfathers. This year’s parrot theme, complemented by the interesting and varied costumes worn by the boys and even some fathers and grandfathers, created a sea of color in the packed Ner Mordechai/Shaare Tova ballroom. The morning began with a beautifully catered hot breakfast. The boys were amazed by the Parroter Rebbe’s parrots. After the show, the Best Costume was awarded to Shlomo Daitchman, and Rabbi Bookson picked winners for each grade’s raffle. Thank you to the new breakfast heads, Tova Machlis and Shulie Statfeld, for chairing the breakfast, and to all the parent volunteers for assisting in setting up and running the breakfast.

On Thursday, the pre-Purim mesibah for Grades 4-8 once again headlined the Pumpedisa Band. A special addition this year was a kumsitz with Pumpedisa for the eighth grade.

Between the many creative shows, concerts, and the all-star musical performance, the talmidim, rebbeim, and menahalim had a very special pre-Purim experience. We look forward to the continued Adar simchah around the Yeshiva, and thank the sponsor of the Pumpedisa Band.