The Middle School students at the Bnos Malka Academy have been busy learning, researching, and presenting. The fifth grade students researched different states in the USA. After doing extensive research, the students wrote research papers and created beautiful triboards. A gala event was held where students in fourth and second grades came to view the state boards and learn about our country.

In the sixth grade, students researched different countries of the world. They, too, did their research, wrote a paper, and presented their findings, creating beautiful triboards. The sixth grade then invited the third and fifth grades to attend their fair, where students were able to “tour” the world and get a glimpse of the amazing places to visit.

In the seventh and eighth grades, students conducted experiments using the Scientific Method. After going through all of the steps of this inquiry-based project, students presented their findings to a judge. All students have learned the important skills of research, citing sources, and presentation through these worthwhile projects.