It was with great excitement that Central welcomed students and faculty back home last week! After a wonderful summer, we are back, refreshed, and ready for the best year Central has ever seen. While all Central teachers have exciting, enriching lessons and programs planned, our students in 10th grade and AP Chemistry began the year by participating in a special CPR training program. The students will be trained and certified in the lifesaving skills of CPR and other first aid tools. Aviva Kessock, a sophomore from Oceanside, explained that she’s grateful for the program because “these classes not only taught me how to act properly in a situation where CPR would be necessary, but it showed me that you never know what can happen, so you should always be prepared.”

Our CPR instructor, Celia Sporer, is currently a part-time NYC paramedic based at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn and full-time professor of Criminal Justice at CUNY. In addition to teaching private CPR and first aid courses regularly, she is an NYS-Certified Instructor Coordinator working for a private EMT course provider and with Hatzalah in Monsey and New Square, training their female volunteers. Mrs. Fried, science department chair, says that having this program is so important because “finding relevance in what we study creates a community of learners who are passionate about what they study, and are happy to come to school each day. Our students are thrilled to have the opportunity to apply the science that they study to their everyday lives.”

Talia Frankel, a 10th grader from West Hempstead, agreed, saying, “I can proudly say that I now have the ability to react properly in order to help save someone’s life if, chas v’shalom, it is needed. This is something that is so important for everyone to learn, at any age. I am so glad we were given this opportunity!”