This past Sunday, the Yeshiva of Central Queens (YCQ) held a Ladies’ Luncheon for the Junior High School Girls and their guests. Several eighth-grade girls worked on the event to make it fun and meaningful. Last year, the current eighth-grade girls spoke with Ms. Schlisser about tz’nius and new ways to help encourage tz’nius behaviors in school. Ms. Schlisser said, “I set up the Ladies’ Luncheon because I heard the girls’ request to take a different approach to tz’nius and feeling more empowered, and I wanted to honor their request.” The event was held on Sunday, October 3, a few days before Rosh Chodesh, which was appropriate because Rosh Chodesh is known to be a special holiday for women.

The event was set up by the eighth-grade girls with the help of some volunteers. The girls designed centerpieces and created hashtags to promote the event. This program was especially exciting because it was the first gathering at school for an event since the beginning of the pandemic. Everyone was happy to be together at YCQ again, especially for such an important program.

Luckily, the weather was perfect, and a dairy buffet luncheon was held outside in the yard. Following lunch, the program continued in the auditorium with renowned lecturer Mrs. Jackie Bitton. Mrs. Bitton gave an inspirational speech on the importance of tz’nius in all aspects of life. She talked about tz’nius in our speech, tz’nius in dress, and tz’nius in actions. After listening to Mrs. Bitton, eighth grader Rebecca Sisser said, “I found the speech very inspirational, and it taught us how there are so many ways that we can apply tz’nius in our lives.” A fashion show by the girls and directed by Mrs. Abbey Wolin was enjoyed by all, following Mrs. Bitton’s words of inspiration. The junior high school girls modeled clothes from Udel, which is the teen line from KidiChic. The idea was to show that clothing can be both stylish, fun, and keeping with tz’nius. Everyone in attendance was given a discount to buy clothes from the line.

The program concluded with singing and dancing led by Shaindy Plotzker. There was also a photobooth for the girls and their guests to create a keepsake of the day. Special thanks go to Ms. Elisheva Simanowitz, who organized the event and made sure all the big and small details were taken care of, and to Mr. Aaron Kessler, the building manager, and his crew for setting up and cleaning up the event.

By Sarah Leah Sullivan, grade eight