Glimpses of the warm and supportive SKA experience, imparted to its students on a daily basis, were on display as administrators and faculty members of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls joined the West Hempstead community for Shabbos, Parshas VaYishlach, November 19-20.

Friday night’s oneg with SKA Principal, Judaic Studies, Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, Associate Principal Ms. Elana Flaumenhaft, Dean of Students Mrs. Shira Englander, SKA social worker Ms. Lisa Fogel, and SKA faculty members at the Halpert home was extremely well received by over 100 current SKA students and West Hempstead Eighth graders. A d’var Torah by Senior Rena Hecht, delicious food, and a riotous game of “Family Feud” contributed to a welcoming and inclusive Shabbos oneg.

On Shabbos day, West Hempstead SKA Ninth and Tenth graders and their friends savored a festive Shabbos lunch at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Tzippy Calm, together with Ms. Flaumenhaft and Ms. Fogel, while 11th graders gathered at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Shira Greenberger, together with Mrs. Englander, and 12th graders at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Kayla Bach together with Mrs. Kaminetsky. Junior Sheera Rockoff enthused, “We were able to spend quality time with faculty and administrators. Each of us was able to attend inspirational and exciting events with girls from every grade!”

Shabbos afternoon offered the women of the community the opportunity to hear Mrs. Kaminetsky speak on “Lessons from the Chanukah Lights” at the Sosnay home, after which SKA students joined for a heartfelt shalosh s’udos, complete with z’miros and a d’var Torah from SKA rebbe Rabbi Jordan Ginsberg.

“It was almost like a mini-Skabbaton! I spent Shabbos in West Hempstead with girls from several different neighborhoods,” commented 12th grader Samantha Klein.

The Shabbos event offered the chance for eighth graders and SKA students to connect with Mrs. Kaminetsky, Ms. Fogel, Ms. Flaumenhaft, Mrs. Englander, and faculty members Mrs. Beaty Menchel, Mrs. Rivi Blum, Mrs. Calm, Mrs. Bach, Mrs. Greenberger, and Rabbi Ginsberg on a more intimate level and experience the warmth and excitement of SKA. Shabbos in West Hempstead was a wonderful opportunity for current and future SKA students to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere; it was truly a Shabbos of achdus!

Our sincere thanks go to the Halpert and Sosnay families and our faculty members for their gracious hospitality.