YSZ is ready to greet the Shabbat Queen! What a special and moving assembly we had in honor of Rosh Chodesh Sh’vat! The program started with a skit by our G.O. girls on the topic of Hadlakas Neiros. Morah Kitiza Pahlaef explained the unique significance of Jewish women lighting Shabbos candles; it is an eis ratzon (auspicious time) for each of us to daven for any requests we may have and to connect to Hashem. At that time, the Sh’chinah of Hashem enters our very homes!

We then had a moving L’cha Dodi kumsitz and Morah Chazan told a riveting story about a Jewish wine seller who refused to do business, just moments before Kabalas Shabbos. We see the way that Hashem protects those who watch over Shabbos!

Two sixth-grade groups then presented graceful dances embodying the elegance of the Shabbos Kallah. All the classes enjoyed creating their very own plaque with the brachah of Hadlakas Neiros and the Y’hi Ratzon. Thank you to our G.O. girls, Hadassah Akilov, Penina Maerov, Liora Rafailov, and Suri Haya Rubinov, for adding to the ruach of the school by giving out special treats on Friday, “kallah ring pops,” in honor of the Shabbos Kallah!