What were your original goals for the YCQ Purim Carnival?

My goal was to create a “Wow” carnival. Each student, ages three to 14, had a great time. Watching the children walk in, one by one, and seeing their shock and surprise, gave me so much joy! The one thing I wanted to accomplish was to make it the best carnival YCQ ever had. I’m proud to say we did accomplish just that! Our Purim Carnival Committee worked with Great Neck Games to create a creative and state-of-the-art experience.

What did you have in mind when planning the layout?

I wanted the students to be able to see everything clearly, and to have easy and safe access and regress to and from each attraction.

How was this Purim Carnival different from previous carnivals?

We added more games and attractions this year. In addition, we were able to get Virtual Reality games, and a selection of different type of arcade games.

What was the feedback from our young students? From JHS students?

Our younger students raved about the cotton candy machine and popcorn machine. They were counting the days until the Purim Carnival. Grade 8 students enjoyed running the booths and watching the younger students have a great time. They especially enjoyed the end of the carnival, when they were allowed to use all the attractions and games.

What was your favorite part of the day?

I especially enjoyed the parade of students dressed in their costumes, as well as their first look at the entire set! The raffles at the end of each grade time were incredible prizes: Foosball Tables, Air-Hockey Tables, Class Pizza Parties, Class Trip to 7-Eleven, $20.00 Amazon gift cards, and much more.

Whom would you like to thank for their help and support?

I would like to thank Mr. Aaron Kessler, Facilities Manager, and his department, for making sure everything was working properly, and that the carnival ran smoothly. I wouldn’t have been able to put any of this together without the support of Rabbi Mark Landsman, YCQ Principal. His constant support inspires me to work diligently and creatively in planning YCQ student activities.