Our world is teetering

On the brink,

Off kilter, off balance,

Out of sync;

Thirteen states seeing

Wildfire spikes

From heat waves, droughts,

And lightning strikes,

Flash flooding and landslides,

Leaving many deceased

In the US, Europe, Asia,

And the Far East.


Many claimed that COVID

Had run its course;

Then the third wave descended

With Delta force.


Massive grounding

Of airplane flights,

Sirens blaring into the nights,

People pushed

Onto subway tracks,

Systematic terrorism,

Random attacks.

In the upheaval,

Our loved ones,

All that we prize,

Fading away

Before our eyes.


The absence of justice

Has brought this about,

So entrenched in corruption,

Seems there’s no way out.



In a remote area

Of Judea and Samaria,

In Hashem’s Holy Land,

On a lonely hilltop,

A farmer and his family

Are tending their flock;

They have no running water

Or electricity,

Their faith flows like a river,

Their lamp burns brightly.


Other youth on these hilltops

Stand resolute

Forsaking the Holy Land,

Just doesn’t compute,

Survivors of families

That were expelled

From lands Israel liberated

Defending itself.


As devastation

Stakes its claim,

People of courage

Sanctify Your Name;

In a world that’s falling

Apart at the seams,

Some still hold to G-d’s pledge,

To “impossible” dreams.


These heroes wait not

For Eliyahu,

But live by Your promise,

HaKadosh Baruch Hu,

Pursuing justice

Without compromise,

As haters of Israel

Rain down lies,

They stand on the front lines,

These brave shock troops,

As apologists for Israel

Jump through hoops!


King David said:

“I look at my right hand

And I see,

There is nobody

Who knows me!”

It’s You and us, Hashem

You are One,

Each here alone, with You,

After all’s said and done.


All forms around us,

Engage, temporarily

To deal with fairly, accordingly

As ships that pass each other

In the night,

Each alone with Hashem

And the chance

To do right.


Israel stands alone,

Every world nation

Unified in one thing:

Israel’s condemnation.

World destruction continues;

The one hope this:

Recognizing Israel’s sovereignty,

Israel’s right to exist.


By Sharon Marcus