HALB is excited to announce that through a grant with the New York State Education Department, we are partnering with the organization Creative Response to Conflict to provide training to our staff in the areas of conflict resolution and social emotional learning. In addition, we will be training our fifth grade boys and girls in the area of peer mediation.

We are hopeful that, with this training, we can enhance our ability to address the conflicts that arise at times between students and enhance their social emotional learning skills.

Before Pesach, Mrs. Priscilla Prutzman, founder of Creative Response to Conflict, and a leader in this field for the past 50 years, ran a workshop with all assistant teachers of grades 1-5. She was joined in this effort by Tara Fishler, Director of Learning and Development. The assistant teachers learned new skills in conflict resolution through role playing.

Over the next few weeks, the organization will continue training and mentoring our staff. During these days of S’firas HaOmer, when we focus on the improvement of our relationships bein adam la’chaveiro, we believe that with the assistance of the professional staff at Creative Response to Conflict, we will be able to enhance the social and emotional relationships of children at HALB.