On Friday, June 14, Erev Shabbos, HANC High School students and faculty filled the school’s auditorium for the Closing Ceremony 2019/5779. The program opened with remarks from the Principal, Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, followed by award presentations.

The first set of recognitions was a series of honors that were given to students who stand out in areas that are valued at HANC. Rabbi Adelman introduced the awards with a special emphasis on the process of choosing recipients. Faculty members nominated candidates for consideration and collectively selected the recipients. Each award went to one male and one female recipient and was presented by administrators.

The names of each recipient of the ten awards will be added to the plaques adorning the second-floor hallway. The students who went above and beyond in their participation in chesed activities were Lilah Dublin, Ben Marzouk, and Noah Marzouk, who received the Rabbi Moshe z”l & Rebbetzin Sandra Gottesman Chesed Award. The Golda Meir Community & School Spirit Award went to Caity Davis, and the Natan Sharansky Community & School Spirit Award went to Aaron Liviem, as students who exemplify “a strong commitment to the HANC community and [work] selflessly in order to foster inclusiveness and strengthen school spirit.”

Students were also recognized for their “academic achievement, true intellectual curiosity, and a demonstrated commitment to increasing knowledge in various disciplines.” Jonah Seidein received the Rav Avraham Yitzchak Kook Passion for Education Award, and Rena Max received the Nechama Leibowitz Passion for Education Award. Students with outstanding “determination and diligence and an unwavering commitment to advance academically” received The Rabbi Meyer & Rebbetzin Goldie a”h Fendel Determination and Perseverance Award; Kayla Siouni and Adam Speiser were the recipients. The Ateret Shem and Keter Shem Tov recognizes two students who demonstrate distinguished character and a strong commitment to leading a life of high ethical and moral standard consistent with Torah ideals and values. The recipients were Ali Lenefsky and Sam Davis.

HANC helps build character by ensuring that students perform acts of chesed. Chesed, a Hebrew word for kindness, is a term often used at HANC as students participate in chesed activities such as community service throughout the school year and into the summer months. Although 15 hours per year are required by HANC, many students choose to continue their participation past their obligation.

Chesed Awards were presented to such students by Dean of Students Rabbi Etan Ehrenfeld, and distributed by Rabbi Yakov Grun and Morah Nomi Zanjirian. Silver awards, went to students who completed more than 25 chesed hours, gold awards to students who completed over 50 hours, and platinum awards were reserved for students who completed over 100 chesed hours.

This was followed by an address given by the newly elected Student Senate President, Kayla Stern, and a nostalgic year-in-review video presentation expertly prepared by Ms. Maddie Hamada. Students watched the presentation while enjoying ice cream bars.

In addition, a special recognition was given to the hard-working office faculty, as well as to all the service staff. A heartfelt farewell written by Josh Rouhani was extended to those faculty members who will not be returning. A farewell video and gift was also presented to the Dean of Students, Rabbi Etan Ehrenfeld.

Director of College Guidance Ms. Karen Sheff presented a series of awards recognizing students’ accomplishments. These awards were: Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award – Adam Speiser; The Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award – Alexandra Lenefsky; George Eastman Young Leaders Award – Kayla Stern; Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology – Raphael Silbiger; Rensselaer Polytech Institute Medal Award – Jonah Seiden; The Brandeis Book Award – Shana Lefkowitz; Nassau County District Attorney Shield Award – Aaron Afrahim; and the Yeshiva University Torah U’Mada Book Award – Shirly Ebrani and Sam Davis.

The ceremony was an incredible success and created a sense of achdus among the students as they cheered for their peers who received awards. The program concluded with a musical performance by Music Teacher Mr. Jacob Spadaro, accompanied by junior Eli Miller and sophomore Dylan Ross.

Mazal Tov and thank you for a fantastic year, and wishing everyone much hatzlachah on their Regents Exams. Have a fantastic summer!

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