On Sunday, November 7, almost 100 prospective families attended Yeshiva of Central Queens’ “Bayit V’Gan Day,” an introduction to YCQ’s kindergarten program for parents and students, which featured Uncle Moishy in concert and a “YCQ Israeli Passport” program.

Uncle Moishy performed for the parents, students, faculty, and volunteers, while the young students danced, learned, and sang along to his well-known hit songs. After the concert, the themed program “YCQ: Passport to Your Child’s Future” was introduced.

Each child received a special YCQ “passport” that allowed them to travel to different Israeli “cities/classrooms” and learn about Israel and our Kindergarten program. YCQ passports were stamped in “Jerusalem,” “Haifa,” “Tel Aviv,” and “Tz’fat,” while children created collages, learned Ivrit, experienced smartboard learning games, and relaxed during story time in the library.

“We offer a passport to your child’s future via a first-class, educational experience like no other,” said Ms. Allison Witty, Director of Admissions.

“As our students journey through each grade, they learn to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills viewed through the lenses of Torah, literature, science, history, math, art, music, and extra-curricular activities. Torah guidance and the latest research in pedagogical best practices informs and shapes YCQ’s educational philosophy.”

“Our students also graduate with a strong Jewish identity and a love of Israel, secure in the knowledge that YCQ will always be a second home for them to visit as they embark on the next step in their educational travels.” Please contact Ms. Allison Witty with any questions about the application process (718-793-8500, x-316).

Mrs. Sharon Korn, Director of Early Childhood Education, reported, “It was exciting to meet so many new families, and to share all the wonderful happenings at YCQ. The children were enthusiastic and engaged, and we can’t wait to welcome our new students.”

“It was an honor and a privilege to introduce YCQ’s Ruach, love of Israel, and our unique, state-of-the-art education practices to prospective families from so many different communities,” stated Rabbi Mark Landsman, Principal of the Yeshiva of Central Queens. “Students and faculty, enthusiastic about Jewish education and spiritual inspiration, form the foundation of the Yeshiva of Central Queens, and on Sunday, families had the opportunity to experience YCQ in person. I wish to thank our faculty, staff, and PTO volunteers who worked so hard to create this special event.”