The 4th grade students of Bnos Malka Academy gathered for a special occasion: the beginning of learning N’vi’im. As a unique siyum for finishing the first perek in Sefer Yehoshua, the students had a lavish breakfast and were thrilled to hear Rabbi Weichselbaum, Menahel, discuss the importance of learning Navi and the timely lessons for our daily lives. Students received a special Birkon as a gift to commemorate the morning, and they were able to make the connection that Yehoshua wrote the paragraph of Nodeh in bentching.

After an exciting game of Navi Bingo, students decorated a brownie with a scene about something they had learned in Navi. There were creative renditions of Har Sinai, crossing the Yarden river, and Moshe Rabbeinu (with a shtreimel) addressing klal Yisrael. No doubt the students will remember their first foray into learning N’vi’im and will continue to enjoy the lessons they learn from all the sifrei ha’kodesh.