On Tuesday, January 9, the Yeshiva University High School for Girls held its annual Dinner of Tribute at The Sephardic Temple in Cedarhurst. The theme of this year’s dinner, “Strengthening our Community,” was a fitting nod to solidarity with Israel in a year of conflict and challenge. Since October 7, Central has come together to show support for Israel through Torah, chesed, and t’filah. There has been a strong emphasis on the value of Jewish education during a time of rising anti-Semitism worldwide.

The dinner was a tribute to those who enable the meaningful Central experience. This year’s Guests of Honor were Mr. and Mrs. Hillel and Rachel Tuchman, parents of current senior Tiferet Tuchman. The award is an expression of the Central community’s gratitude for their generosity and service. “We are incredibly proud and grateful Central parents,” the Tuchmans said. “Central and all its staff have been invaluable partners in helping us educate and inspire our daughter, Tiferet, to continue realizing, nurturing, and developing all of her amazing gifts and talents. We hope that, in accepting this honor, we can continue to support Central as they instill a passion for learning, activism, and a strong sense of Jewish pride and a love for Israel in the next generation of young Jewish women.”

The recipient of the Chesed Leadership Award, Mrs. Keli Rifkin, was recognized for her work as an outstanding parent partner. Central thanked Mrs. Rifkin for lending her talents to the Parents Council and the Parent Strategic Advisory Board, as well as coordinating the school’s Jobs Fair.

The YUHSG Alumna Award goes to Ms. Estee Ackerman on behalf of the Class of 2019. A world table tennis champion, Ms. Ackerman has, among other achievements, competed against – and defeated – Rafael Nadal. Not only has she coached Central’s tennis team, but she declined to try out for the Olympics because the trials took place on Shabbos, proving herself to be an exceptional representative of Central and an inspiration for YUHSG students.

This year’s Ethel Dworetsky Faculty Award was given to Judaic Studies faculty member and Senior Grade Dean, Mrs. Rebecca Teper. Currently in her eighth year of teaching at Central, Mrs. Teper is an essential part of the Central community. Her dedication to her students in her capacity as a teacher of Navi and Chumash, in her capacity as Senior Grade Dean, and via longtime contributions to programming for Shabbaton and Central G.O. is beyond measure. She has made a meaningful impact in the lives of countless students. She has also been a creative and compassionate force within the Central faculty, and she has the respect and admiration of every one of her appreciative colleagues. “I’m so excited to spend the evening with our amazing faculty, students, and parent body to recognize the learning and achievements that happen in our building,” Mrs. Teper said.

The evening was a testament to the power of unity – the strength derived from a community coming together as one.