Last Wednesday, the Queens Jewish Link marked its ten-year milestone with a spectacular networking event in Kew Gardens Hills that brought out many from the Queens community and beyond.

“The networking event was designed as a means to give back to the Queens Jewish community that has supported our publications over the past ten years,” said Yaakov Serle, co-publisher. “In lashon ha’kodesh, one can enunciate the number ten and tein, meaning to give. In a post-pandemic world, we felt obliged and excited to be able to bring out the community to help their businesses prosper.”

The Queens Jewish Link and its sister publication, the Bukharian Jewish Link, have used the last decade to share the tremendous accomplishments of the Queens Jewish community. From public statements and school news to opinions and varied articles, every facet of local Jewish life is touched upon in the weekly editions.

The event brought out many of the paper’s writers, reporters, and supports, including many sponsors and advertisers.

Attendees enjoyed an extensive sushi buffet provided by Sushi Kingdom on Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills and dinner from SoySauce, also from the area.

Participants of all ages and backgrounds wasted no time getting acquainted. From a robust Holocaust survivor to elected officials, including Council Member Linda Lee, Assembly Member Andrew Hevesi, and the Hon. Justice David Kirschner, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, outreach coordinators, health advocates, photographers, tax professionals, and every profession in between took time to mingle and share ideas. Magician Yoel Spielman was on hand sharing tricks with the crowd.

The event paid tribute to our rabbinic advisor and columnist Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, who is moving closer to family in Baltimore, Maryland. Yaakov Serle presented the rabbi with a beautiful mezuzah and klaf to adorn the Schonfelds’ new residence. “We have been privileged to have Rabbi Schonfeld take on such a significant role in our publication,” explained Serle. “While Rabbi Schonfeld will continue on in his role in a new home, we felt that a proper appreciation was in order for his decade of involvement with our publication and for championing Jewish causes.”

With a moment of cheers, the program also acknowledged the hard work of our volunteer emergency service organizations, including the local chapters of Chaverim, Hatzolah, Misaskim, Shmira, and the Community Affairs Bureau of the 107th police precinct. It was there that the community was introduced to Police Office Tim Gorman, who now works alongside Police Officer Kevin McCarthy.

May the next decade be filled with good health and positive news.

 By Shabsie Saphirstein