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I am anticipating the upcoming Bonei Olam event in the Queens Community.

Since its inception, Bonei Olam has earned a reputation as the organization that has undertaken the monumental task of raising the necessary funds – enormous sums of money – to answer the call of each and every childless couple that approaches us, to help alleviate their financial burdens.

If Agra D’Pirka is one of the Torah world’s great success stories, then certainly the program’s maggidei shiur are among the heroes of that story.  They deliver their thought-provoking and well-prepared shiurim in various locations consistently and reliably on a regular basis.  And they manage to keep the participants, many of whom are themselves Torah scholars, intrigued and engaged.  It may not be easy to give a shiur for Agra D’Pirka, but most maggidei shiur will tell you that it’s one of the highlights of their week.  And there’s no place else they’d rather be than at Agra D’Pirka.

High school students across the country very much anticipate the ring of the final school bell at the end of the year. Hopefully, by the time school starts in September, they are eager to return. During the summer months, however, most students make all types of plans, hoping to relax, enjoy themselves, and maybe even make a little money. Going to school to continue their learning is usually not one of those choices.

The Queens Jewish Link Communal Cholim List is a beautiful way to include our loved ones in our prayers while bringing merit, comfort, and restored good health to those who are not well. Our Sages teach us that there are auspicious times for us to pray for special requests, such as requesting health for those needing refuah. Such times include hafrashas challah, bris milah, chupah, and during labor). We are taught that, in the merit of praying for others, our own prayers are answered and we fulfill the mitzvos of “Love your neighbor as yourself” and chesed.