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On Monday night, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz celebrated with her supporters in Forest Hills following the Board of Elections’ statement that after an exhaustive recount, she had a 60-vote lead in the Democratic Primary for Queens District Attorney. “The parties that were the subject of the litigation that’s coming up…were given full, fair, open, and transparent access to every step of these proceedings,” said Board of Elections Executive Director Michael Ryan. “At the conclusion, the faith of the public will rest easy.”

The closely watched race for Queens District Attorney still does not have a winner, with Board of Elections staffers conducting a manual recount of all the votes this week to determine the results. On the evening of Tuesday, June 25, leftist Tiffany Cabán claimed victory in the Primary Election over mainstream candidate Melinda Katz, with over 1,000 votes in the unofficial results that were announced before midnight on that day.

Israel never leaves its fighters behind, but when there are no signs that a service member is alive or dead, what is the halachah? For the past four summers, Rabbi Dr. Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff stays in Kew Gardens Hills for a month with his wife Malka, speaking around the metropolitan area, meeting his former students, and fundraising for Shvut Ami, the kiruv organization in Israel serving Russian-speaking Jews.

 Despite Urgency, Our Community’s Voter Turnout Was Abysmal

  The first competitive primary election for Queens District Attorney in the first open-seat race in a generation may have made history on Tuesday – but we may not know the final results for a few days. Tiffany Cabán, a Latina woman who does not have any experience as a prosecutor, ran on the platform of closing the Rikers Island prison, decriminalizing prostitution, and refusing to prosecute charges such as fare evasion, recreational drug use, and loitering. As of this writing Tuesday night, she leads Queens Borough President Melinda Katz by about 1,000 votes, and although Cabán has declared victory, there are still thousands of mailed-in ballots to be counted, so no official winner has been named.

On his visit to Congregation Machane Chodosh last week, venture fund manager Daniel Frankenstein noticed the memorial plaques on the synagogue’s wall, with names such as Walter, Siegfried, and Irmgard. “These are German names; my grandfather was Hans and my grandmother was Hildegard. We are Yekkes,” he said. He was hosted by one of a handful of its older German-born members, longtime shul president Herbert Jaffe.

The Israeli capital city appears in the center of the historic Jewish homeland, but it is also the frontline of Jewish restoration efforts that require great personal and financial sacrifice, security risk, political will, and faith. “The former mufti of Jerusalem looked me in the eyes, man to man, and said that the Temple never existed,” said Fox News Channel host Pete Hegseth at the American Friends of Ateret Cohanim / Jerusalem Chai annual dinner in Midtown Manhattan last Thursday.