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At Emet Outreach, education is central to engaging unaffiliated Jewish students with the beauty of Torah and mitzvos. Emet’s inspiring programming begins on local college campuses with its flagship “Leaders Fellowship.” The fall Fellowships are currently underway at St. John’s University, Stony Brook University, Baruch College, and in Forest Hills for students from multiple campuses. This co-ed introductory learning program is the first step to gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for Judaism. Over the course of ten weeks, students participate in meaningful learning sessions that begin with dinner and a group lesson. Students then break into smaller groups for learning, facilitated by Emet educators.

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV) called last week for the termination of parole for Jonathan Pollard on humanitarian grounds, and his release from all associated restrictions. The CJV noted that Mrs. Esther Pollard is currently undergoing treatment for cancer at advanced stages, and release would enable Mr. Pollard to adequately care for his ailing wife.