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Excitement and anticipation were in the air at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens as students in grades 1-4 and grades 5-8 participated in separate assemblies where the midos theme of the year and Y’mei Ratzon Program were introduced. Mrs. Nechama Jurkowitz, limudei kodesh principal, explained that the theme for the year Tav Shin Pei (5780) is related to peh – mouth. The pasuk we are focusing on is very familiar to everyone and recited in Eishes Chayil – “Piha Paschah B’Chochmah” – It “pays” to weigh your words wisely. Our motto is Say it right! This year, our adorable mascot owl, named BINAH, will be encouraging the girls to think before they speak and choose their words wisely. Mrs. Jurkowitz explained that babies are not born with the ability to speak, as they are with other senses, such as sight, hearing, and touch. This is because speech must be preceded with thought; and until young babies develop their thinking skills, they are not capable of speaking. What sets humans apart from animals is their ability to think and speak – dei’ah v’dibur. Using a large speech bubble, Mrs. Jurkowitz role-played with the students the thoughtful and appropriate response to a common school situation.

On Tuesday evening, April 9, members of the community experienced a comprehensive important lecture from the Navigating the Medical System Lecture Series at Congregation Etz Chaim on the topic of Understanding Heart Arrhythmias, Valve Replacement, and Updates in Treatment. David Slotwiner, MD, FACC, FHRS, Chief of Division of Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital, and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell, shared lots of valuable information about the latest in treating arrhythmias. He pointed out, “There are a lot of new treatments in arrhythmia and valve replacement.”

The HANC High School Class of 2023 was inaugurated into High School at the annual Freshman Retreat this past Sunday and Monday, September 9 and 10, at Camp Kaylie in Wurtsboro, New York. The students participated in two days of amazing activities, entertainment, and “just getting to know one another.” The trip was chaperoned by administrators, m’chanchim, and members of HANC’s Student Life Team.