Colors: Blue Color

The Orthodox Union (OU), the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, applauds President Trump in advance of his signing an Executive Order that will provide new and stronger protections for Jewish students on college campuses against anti-Semitic attacks and harassment. (The order was signed during the White House’s Chanukah celebration.)

For six straight years, Riki Deutscher and Yelli Koenig have teamed up to bring the Kew Gardens Hills community a warm and delightful Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society pre-auction event. Although the hosts never asked for recognition or applause, it is appropriate to acknowledge that the evening was hosted at the Koenig residence and dedicated in memory of Deutscher’s mother, Raizel Rivkah bas R’ Moshe Yechiel a”h. Together they rallied the women of our community in unison, to respond to those hit with sudden misfortunate. Since 1997, RCCS has been on a mission to help suffering Jewish families. This year’s auction, The Mission, was designed with a mysterious adventure in search of hope.

Twenty years ago, the world was preparing for a new millennium, Google had just launched, and the first iMac had hit stores. Here in Queens, we were creating our own milestones. Yeshiva Madreigas HaAdam was established more than two decades ago and quickly became a pillar of harbatzas haTorah in our Queens community. On Tuesday, December 10, the Yeshiva held its 20th annual dinner celebration at Da Mikele Illagio, honoring an array of familiar faces.

In the wake of the horrible anti-Semitic attack in Jersey City, the kosher community was left without their only supermarket that was decimated in the terrorist attack. Jersey City’s Mayor Steven Fulop knew whom to call to get emergency food to his city: Met Council. “We got the call Wednesday night and our immediate response was, “Of course we will get your constituents food for Shabbos.” Twenty-four hours later, we delivered and distributed over 10,000 pounds of food – from cholent mix to challah to eggs and even dessert like rugelach. We made sure that these 100 families had everything they needed for Shabbos,” explained David G. Greenfield, Met Council’s CEO.