Colors: Blue Color

On Tuesday, March 12, the New York branch of the Teach Coalition, Teach NYS, held its annual Mission to Albany to lobby the New York State Senate and Assembly. Hundreds of students, faculty, and volunteers from yeshivos, day schools, and neighborhoods across the state traveled to the Capitol to meet with legislators. This past week, those lobbying efforts paid off with increased funding from the state for non-public schools to be reimbursed for their STEM teachers, security costs, Comprehensive Attendance Policy, and Mandated Services.

On Wednesday, April 3, MTA’s Honors College participated in an interactive discussion with Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman (’92), MTA alumnus and Associate Director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. Rabbi Tuchman discussed anti-Semitism in American history and the modern world, and distinguished between hardcore anti-Semites and those who may not be racist, but were influenced by stereotypical images of Jews that have been perpetuated throughout history. Together, the group read anti-Semitic texts from the early 20th Century that were directed against Jewish immigrants and compared them to some of the extremist views of today. Rabbi Tuchman also led a Q&A session, which sparked more engaging conversations. MTA talmidim enjoyed this experiential learning opportunity and look forward to exploring more intriguing topics at their next Honors College meeting.

Bnos Malka Academy will be paying tribute to Elliott and Nechama Strauss at their 23rd Annual Dinner & Journal on Sunday, May 19. The Strausses have been deeply involved in the school for over 15 years. Rabbi Michael Weichselbaum, Menahel at Bnos Malka, is delighted to be recognizing them as the Guests of Honor. “The annual dinner is always a great opportunity to celebrate with parents and friends the accomplishments of the school and the girls. This year, it is especially gratifying that we can pay tribute to Elliott and Nechama. Their impact on the school has been extraordinary. Elliott has dedicated himself and given so freely of his time as an active Board member. Nechama, as the Events coordinator in the school and the PA co-president, has left her indelible mark in creating our legendary culture of excellence with warmth and caring.”

Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal (D-Flushing) announces major victories for the Jewish community in the recently enacted New York State budget. Legislators worked throughout the weekend to garner votes and pass an on-time budget in the early morning hours of April 1. The package of bills addressed several areas of concern for New York’s Jewish communities, including increased security money, investment into yeshivos, beneficial healthcare measures, and funding for Holocaust survivors.