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In the sefer Sh’nei Luchos HaBris, the Shlah HaKadosh writes that one should recite verses corresponding to one’s name before the Yihyu L’Ratzon at the end of the Sh’moneh Esrei as a s’gulah to not forget one’s name on the “Judgment Day.” Many people recite a pasuk from T’hilim that begins and ends with the same letter that begins and ends with their Hebrew name.

An Inspiring and Interactive Learning Program

Emet Outreach has added another dimension to its already multi-faceted learning opportunities. “Torah Connect” is a new chavrusa-based learning initiative for the Queens community. The program is designed to provide a forum where Emet students of varying Jewish backgrounds can be paired with members of the community to connect, share Torah thoughts, and elevate their learning.

 Rabbi David Hill was known by many names.  Rabbi Hill, Dave, Davey, Dad, and Zaidy.  He was known by many as a leader in the Modern Orthodox community during the 1960s and beyond, as the President of the National Council of the Young Israel, Owner and President of 999 Real Kosher Sausage Co., and founder of Operation Lifeline, which provided a necessary connection between the Jews trapped in the Soviet Union and the rest of the world.  Rabbi Hill died this past Saturday, at the age of 98. 

Congresswoman Grace Meng met with rabbis and lay leaders to discuss issues affecting the Queens Jewish community. The meeting focused on possible methods to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments, which has been recently and increasingly rearing its ugly head.

Chanukah is observed towards the end of the month of Kislev; but with no other holiday until spring, the entire month takes on the festive mood of the upcoming holiday. For Kew Gardens Hills resident Sammy Goldsmith, the yahrzeit of his mother Barbara Goldsmith also occurs in this month. To honor her memory, he invited Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, his 11th grade rebbe at DRS, and now the director of the Semicha Program at Yeshiva University, to speak on Jewish pride as it relates to Chanukah.

 His Lifetime Of Achievement Will Be Honored In New York City On December 10

On Tuesday evening, December 10, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan, Ohr Torah Stone (OTS) celebrates the lifetime achievement of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin by completing, dedicating, and dancing with the Sefer Torah that is being written in his honor. Renowned singer and performer Eitan Katz and his band will further enhance the air of celebration at the OTS 2019 Annual Dinner.