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MTA raised a total of $551,080 for its Scholarship Fund during a 24-hour fundraising blitz held on Monday, May 6, and Tuesday, May 7. With help from a committee of dedicated parents, rebbeim, faculty members, and talmidim who worked around the clock, MTA surpassed its original goal of raising $400,000 and increased the goal to $550,000, which was then exceeded. All donations made during the 24-hour+ fundraising blitz were matched 1:1.

Grades 1-4 have been learning about chashivus Eretz Yisrael for the past two weeks. On Thursday, Yom HaAtzmaut, students in the lower grades got a chance to be part of a live interactive webinar about Eretz Yisrael. Without even leaving Bnos Malka, grades 1-4 got to see exciting places in Yerushalayim, Chevron, Be’er Sheva, and the Galil. It’s possible that everyone’s favorite part was seeing the camels cross the road, right next to a sign in Hebrew that says, Watch out for camels crossing!

As the year winds to a close, Central students are joyfully sharing the products of their imaginations with the wider world. Last week on Wednesday, Central’s ACE Team 40 concluded a spectacular year by presenting their design for a nearly two-million-square-foot water park and hotel site in Chenango County at the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen in Manhattan.