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On the last night of shiv’ah for Rabbi Elyakim Getzel Rosenblatt zt”l, Rosh HaYeshiva of Yeshiva Kesser Torah, community members, alumni of the Yeshiva, and Yeshiva supporters gathered at Congregation Ohel Simcha for a memorial program. Mr. Avraham Kesherim, a good friend of the Yeshiva and of Rabbi Rosenblatt, organized the program. He welcomed everyone. He stated that “Rabbi Rosenblatt was rav of the whole k’hilah. He meant so much to everyone. He was calm, sweet, and caring. He was close to so many people. He accepted everyone into the Yeshiva. It didn’t matter about externals.”

New York NCSY leadership visited MSH this week to run a pre-Pesach Yom Iyun. The day started with interesting and interactive break-out sessions with topics that included: Imagination – led by Rabbi Yossi Schwartz, Something to Say at the Seder: A tour through time and place – led by Rabbi Jacob Bernstein, The Timebreakers: running out of time – led by Rabbi Manu Hass, Free-conomics: Does it pay to be free? – led by Ziona Isaacs, and The fire you never saw, the root of redemption – led by Mrs. Leora Lesher. The students learned new insights into the chag, the Seder, and more.

On Thursday, April 4, MTA and New York NCSY partnered to present a Pre-Pesach Mishmar Madness program for MTA talmidim. MTA hosts Mishmar Madness – a post-Mishmar program that includes additional learning opportunities accompanied by dinner and activities – five times per year to enhance Torah learning for its talmidim. This event was presented in partnership with New York NCSY and featured chaburos with MTA alumni and NCSY advisors, shiurim with MTA rebbeim, interactive discussions with NCSY staff, exciting panoply games, and a lively fahrbrengen with world-renowned educator and NCSY mashpia Rav Judah Mischel.

Yeshiva Har Torah students, staff, and mothers participated in a group hair donation this past week. The donated ponytails will now be delivered to Zichron Menachem in Israel to make wigs for children with cancer. All participants were treated to haircuts donated by the DeFranco Spagnolo Salon in Great Neck and the school’s PTA, gift bags courtesy of Sarit Ebrani and Talia Levy of Manot4Chai, and flowers from Metro Florals. All told, the PTA collected about two dozen ponytails to donate.

On Tuesday evening, March 26, the community gathered at Congregation Beit Eliyahu in Fresh Meadows to hear an uplifting shiur by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, renowned speaker and Founder and Director of Rabbi Klatzko began by praising Chazaq for their incredible accomplishments, especially in brining Jewish children from public school to yeshivah. He mentioned the terrible numbers of Jews lost to assimilation and intermarriage, and he compared these statistics to Jews murdered during the Holocaust. He said, “Chazaq is pulling Jewish kids off the cattle cars, bringing them back to Yiddishkeit and klal Yisrael.”

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