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Charlie Harary, Esq. is the prototypical definition for having impeccably intertwined the essence of his Jewish identity and the American spirit. In the business world, Charlie is respected as an investor and strategic advisor. Global Jewry have come to admire Charlie for his motivational talks and uplifting poetry of words. The prolific orator’s humble roots have traces right here, having graduated Queens College magna cum laude. In Kew Gardens Hills, we have the privilege to interact with his dynamic dad, Moe, the proprietor of our very own Shimon’s Kosher Pizza. At the Orthodox Union’s recent “Torah in New York” day of learning at Citi Field, Charlie took a moment to give his Queens friends an extraordinary dose of chizuk during the auspicious days of the Aseres Y’mei T’shuvah.

It was an evening of unity and inspiration when mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends gathered at Congregation Bet El in Fresh Meadows. Over 120 women followed directions as Mrs. Leah Abramov guided them through the steps of baking challah. While waiting for the challahs to rise, the crowd formed a circle and Daniella Bababekov, an Emet student, sang a beautiful rendition of Sh’ma Yisrael. Perry Arabov, another student, set the tone of t’filah in the room, and that encouraged everyone to take a few moments to pray. The women also joined together to light candles.