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Torah took the mound at Citi Field in Flushing this past Sunday as the Orthodox Union (OU) fielded a team of 29 internationally renowned scholars who led classes on a wide array of 31 subjects for around 2,500 participants at its third annual Torah New York event. The classes ranged from more traditional approaches on how to spiritually prepare for the Jewish High Holidays to more modern issues like repentance in a time of social media and the effects artificial intelligence will have on Shabbos observance in the future. Moishe Bane, President of the OU, noted how encouraging it is to see the enormous numbers of the community eager to engage in Torah study in preparation for the Jewish New Year. “It is so exciting to observe the eagerness of our community to connect to Torah study and to a deeper understanding of their relationship to G-d,” he said. “In these days immediately before the High Holidays, I cannot imagine a more profound message to G-d of our eagerness to connect.”

Whew! The marathon is over. What, you didn’t know there was a marathon? Well, we at Netzach Outreach felt like we were running one this past summer. The summer of 2019 was a whirlwind of activity and accomplishments for the Jewish public-school students of Queens, New York. Baruch Hashem, we feel that due to their hard work, the Queens community surely has significant merits to bring to the fore when Rosh HaShanah arrives – in less than two weeks.

Elected officials participate in Met Council’s Rosh HaShanah food distribution
for the Jewish poor across the City of New York

 The largest free kosher food distribution in America takes place over the course of one month – right here in New York. In preparation for Rosh HaShanah, over 900 community volunteers and 20 elected officials joined the Met Council these past weeks at 82 locations in Queens, Borough Park, Flatbush, Manhattan, and Staten Island to distribute fresh food packages for over 100,000 New Yorkers in need of food for Yom Tov.

“By David a psalm, the earth is to Hashem and its fullness, the inhabited land and those who dwell in it.” Many have the minhag to say chapter 24 of T’hilim on Rosh HaShanah night, before the completion of davening Maariv. The Aron Kodesh is opened, and each verse is recited by the chazan and repeated by the congregation. It is to be said slowly and with great emotion.