For the past ten years, I have brought the present-day National Security Adviser John Bolton to the Israel Day Concert in Central Park for the express purpose of warning the world of the dangers of a nuclear Iran. Ambassador Bolton will tell you that he has been warning America and the world about Iran’s nuclear ambitions for a lot longer – more than 20 years. He has spent the latter half of his life devoted to getting rid of Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Yes, he believes regime change would be best, but everything is on the table.

Bolton’s time to shine has finally come. With the miraculous election of President Donald Trump, Iran’s race to destroy Israel, whom they refer to as “the little Satan,” and America, whom they refer to as the “Big Satan,” is finally meeting its match. The appointment of Ambassador John Bolton to the post of National Security Adviser ensured that Iran’s reign of terror was finally coming to an end. Immediately after his appointment, the President pulled out of the apocalyptic Iran Deal. Sanctions have been ramped up and Iran has been given notice.

Iran decided this past week to resume the production of nuclear centrifuges and to begin accumulating nuclear material. This is all in preparation for enriching uranium again. They had already thumbed their noses at America by firing ballistic missiles in October. Their rhetoric has increased. A showdown seems imminent. There is no doubt in my mind that, if Iran continues down the path of disregarding John Bolton and President Trump, that Iran will learn the hard way that they have made a fatal mistake.

As Tim Morrison, the National Security Council’s arms director, said, “Iran has a choice. At some point, even the Mullahs will get it.” If they don’t, then they will face the full fury of the United States of America. As National Security Adviser, John Bolton recently said, “Any attack on America or its allies will be met with unrelenting force.”

The United States showed its resolve this past week by sending the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and B-52 bombers to the Gulf.

Rouhani’s rhetoric has also increased, calling America the “Leader of World Terrorism.”

The Trump Administration is hoping that, by increasing sanctions, regime change will occur. The Mullahs are hoping that America will do a limited strike, which would boost their standing among the Iranian people.

If Rouhani carries out his threats, including restarting work on the Arak reactor, making plutonium, then National Security Adviser John Bolton will not just act in a limited way but go all the way. The Mullahs have already miscalculated President Trump and John Bolton. The National Security Adviser will never allow Iran to go nuclear. I don’t think the Mullahs realize how determined John Bolton is. Bolton’s time is now.

Joseph M. Frager is a physician and lifelong activist.