On Monday, April 24, grades 1-4 and grades 5-8 participated in two separate assemblies marking the first yahrzeit of our beloved Menahel of 50 years, Rabbi Moshe Neuman z”l.

Rabbi Ginsparg, Menahel, opened the assemblies by stressing the importance of developing the midah of Hakaras HaTov. He urged the girls to realize that the m’siras nefesh that was displayed by Rabbi Neuman on their behalf entrusts them with the responsibility to perpetuate his legacy. Rabbi Ginsparg also pointed out how Rabbi Neuman listened to his rebbe, Rav Hutner, who told him to go into chinuch, despite the fact that he had other plans. He encouraged the girls to remember this important lesson of listening to their moros and seeking advice from rabbanim. Rabbi Ginsparg concluded that the girls’ continued aliyah in BYQ is certainly an aliyah for Rabbi Neuman’s neshamah.

Mrs. Jurkowitz, Limudei Kodesh principal, began her speech by giving the mashal of someone who planted a tree that others enjoy many years later. “When sitting under a tree, did you ever think about who actually planted it many years before?” Rabbi Neuman spent his life planting seeds for the future. Besides establishing a thriving Bais Yaakov, he planted in each girl a belief in her ability to succeed and grow. He knew not only how to encourage and praise, but also how to set limits. Mrs. Jurkowitz asked the girls to raise hands if their mother or grandmother was a student in BYQ, and many, many did! Rabbi Neuman had a magnetic personality, and everyone enjoyed being in his presence and hear his wise words. Mrs. Jurkowitz concluded by saying that we continue to truly feel Rabbi Neuman’s influence today in BYQ.

A few teachers who were students in BYQ spoke warmly about their memories and relationship with Rabbi Neuman.

Morah Mindy Deitsch recalled that as a scared and shy third grader who moved to Queens and switched to BYQ mid-year, Rabbi Neuman’s big smile, and real concern and love, made the transition so much easier.

Morah Baila Rochel Kievman remembered Rabbi Neuman as being like a “father” to her and her five sisters who attended BYQ. She read a letter personally addressed to her from Rabbi Neuman when she had a ruptured appendix and was home recuperating. He told her that everyone misses her very much and that she should daven to Hashem and He will give her a r’fuah sh’leimah.

Morah Chaviva Pfeiffer remembered that Rabbi Neuman told her to go into teaching, just as his rebbe had told him, and she listened! She counted over 100 staff members today that were either students or teachers, or both, under Rabbi Neuman’s leadership. She impressed upon the girls that the chinuch they are receiving today is very much the chinuch of Rabbi Neuman!

The girls then viewed a beautiful video depicting Rabbi Neuman through the years. The video was warmly narrated by Mrs. Sara Bergman, Mrs. Karen Reisbaum, Mrs. Ora Love, and Dr. Tovie Zakutinsky.

It was a very special event that will hopefully leave a lasting impression upon the girls, as we continue the legacy of Rabbi Moshe Neuman here in his beloved BYQ!