Governor Andreas Cuomo has come under fire for his handling of the crisis this past spring. In Adar, Jews across the empire were facing extinction as the decree issued by King Achashverosh affected all 127 states under his rule. Cuomo, governor of the densely populated state of Madai (Media), claimed to have been doing all he could to protect any potential victims who resided in his state.

In fact, the media raised him up as an example of how a leader should lead in a time of crisis. In fact, Cuomo even won a prestigious Cleo Award for his nightly updates that he held with his brother Kourosh Cuomo on the Persian News Network. Now it seems that the claims that Cuomo made throughout the crisis were not only misleading but accomplished precisely the opposite of what he made them out to be. This has led to sharp criticism not only of the previously well-liked governor, but also of PNN, in how they covered Cuomo’s leadership, allowing him to be endlessly interviewed by his brother on national television.

A new report surfaced today that many actions taken by the Cuomo administration could have led to the deaths of tens of thousands of his Jewish constituents. In an effort to provide protection to the Median Jews, Cuomo forced them into small sections of his state so local police would be better equipped to protect them. However, recent uncovered documents have shown that this move put more Jews in danger, as many members of the Median Police Department were known to be in league with King Achashverosh’s second-in-command, Haman, a fact which many leading experts as well as Cuomo’s political opponents voiced at the time.

“I don’t know what he was thinking,” said Hodu Governor Rayan Desantis. We all knew at the time this wasn’t a good idea. I am the governor of the empire’s largest Jewish community, and we knew how to best attack this problem.” At the time, Desantis was attacked by the media for his hands-off approach, but has since been vindicated for his handling of the crisis. On the other hand, when Cuomo was repeatedly questioned on his decision to congregate large quantities of Jews in a small area, Cuomo denied that this had any negative consequences.

However, the same new reports showed that not only did the actions taken by the Cuomo administration have tremendous adverse effects on the Jewish population, but this fact was known by Cuomo himself. Lat week, Secretary to the Governor Mahnoosh DeRosa admitted during a video conference with party leaders that the Cuomo administration “basically froze” when opposition leaders credibly accused their administration of knowingly putting Jews in danger. After that, Cuomo’s team went into full cover-up mode. Only now are we getting the full story.

Meanwhile, Jews of Media are marking the incompetence of Governor Cuomo with new cookies called “Cuomotashen.” The triangular form of the pastry is meant to mimic the size and shape Andreas Cuomo’s nose, a point of emphasis made during his many televised updates with his brother on PNN. For their part, PNN has removed Kourosh Cuomo from being allowed to cover his brother as this story unfolds.

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Izzo Zwiren is the host of The Jewish Living Podcast, where he and his guests delve into any and all areas of Orthodox Judaism.