Dear Editor:

 I don’t quite understand Izzo Zwiren’s report card of Joe Biden. He gave President Biden a thumbs down on everything except foreign affairs, which he gave him both a thumbs up and a thumbs down!

His reasoning for giving him a thumbs up was because he met with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (a meeting where President Biden fell asleep) and lauded President Biden for keeping out of Israel’s way while they handle their own business.

The Biden administration is offering inducements to halt Iran’s aggressive actions, but in the past have repeatedly violated all agreements! Former Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that “the new Iran nuclear deal will bring war!” Lifting sanctions against Iran will release $29 billion to facilitate Iran’s weapons arsenal. Tehran senses Joe Biden’s weakness and ill-advised policies. In my book, he gets a double thumbs down!

 Michael Rollhaus


Dear Editor:

 A quick response to Mr. Weiner. Mr. Penner, as well as everyone else, is aware that the federal gas tax is 18 cents per gallon. Gas is now at over $4 per gallon. So, 18 cents isn’t going to make a difference. Not only that, but the Biden administration thinks we are all stupid. He opened up the National Petroleum Reserve, which has enough oil to last one day. That is not enough production to make a dent in the price of crude oil.

This administration has waged war on our fossil fuel industry and capitalism. We are not producing enough here, and we are allowing OPEC and Russia to drive the cost up. Yes, we are buying Russian oil and funding their war on our ally, Ukraine. Yes, it affects all aspects of our economy. That is why we have bare supermarket shelves and a supply chain crisis. It’s why Bernie Sanders and AOC’s Green New Deal is a war waged on all of us. It’s unrealistic and it doesn’t reduce anything. Don’t give me climate change this or climate change that. We just spent two years breathing in our own carbon dioxide by wearing masks. And what happened? Nothing.

Mr. Hecht and other Democrats will soon realize, if they haven’t already, that this presidency is the worst in American history. He makes Jimmy Carter look like one of the greats. In addition to the above, our southern border is non-existent. Illegals are coming through by the hundreds of thousands. His foreign policy is a disaster. He appeases every US enemy and alienates every ally. His Afghanistan withdrawal was a precursor to this Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Biden sits in the back with his head down, while our European allies are the ones leading. Shameful.

China is emboldened to attack Taiwan and who will stop them? Now, Biden is finalizing a deal with Iran, worse than the one John Kerry made with them in 2015. And who’s brokering the deal? Russia!! I am sure many long for the days of $2 per gallon of gas, abundance in our grocery stores, a booming economy, and a mean tweet or two to this.

 Shalom Markowitz


Dear Editor:

 The ghost writer who prepared President Biden’s State of the Union address must have flunked math at school. Biden’s claim that “he was the only president to ever reduce the deficit by a trillion or more in a single year” had no merit. In March 2021, there was the $2 trillion COVID Relief bill, December 2021 another $900 billion and $2 trillion more in March 2021. Most of these funds were borrowed and added to our long-term debt.

Biden’s proposed Build Back Better bill would cost another $2 trillion. On a bipartisan basis, both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for our national debt growing from $4 trillion in 1992 to over $30 trillion in 2022. It is time to install a national debt clock with daily updates in both Congress and the White House. They can see daily how much they are adding to long-term debt every time they pass spending bills dependent upon borrowing to pay the tab.

Our national debt has reached $30.293 trillion and is on a path to grow by $1 trillion or more for years to come. Today’s tab averages $91.046 per citizen or $241.611 per taxpayer. (Source: March 3, 2022, National Debt Clock)

Who is going to bail out Uncle Sam to pay for this? Government, the private sector, and citizens must make difficult financial decisions on how to use existing resources. Americans prioritize their own family budgets. They make the difficult choices in how existing household financial resources will be spent.

The world’s favored currency is our dollar. This could end if Washington will not control annual increases in spending and debt. If things continue the way they are, don’t be surprised if China surpasses us, and the yen becomes the world’s favored currency. Our reign as the #1 superpower will come to an end like all empires.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, New York