Dear Editor:

 Samuel Mark, in his letter to the editor two issues ago, took me to task for a number of issues. I do not wish to respond to his entire lengthy letter, especially since good portions of it made no sense to me.

However, Rav Soloveitchik zt”l was known to have said, “Attack my philosophy, attack my thought process and I will accept that. But attack my character and I will respond like a lion.”

I will respond to only one statement that Mr. Mark made in the letter: “Since leaving the pulpit, he seems to be thrashing the Orthodoxy for which he worked and stood, except ahavas Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael” (his words).

I have no idea what he meant by the last few words, but to say that my position on the challenges facing Orthodoxy has changed since leaving the pulpit is totally untrue.

My first article on this topic, written in the summer of 2020, was titled “Cancel Culture Comes to Orthodoxy.” It caused a stir then, and has its ripple effects even now, as it gets quoted in articles from time to time. It has inspired the “Emunah Project” founded by Rabbi Marc Volk, which was based on that article. I have been writing on that topic ever since.

So please, Mr. Mark, say what you want about my articles…but never question my integrity. Thank you.

 Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld


Dear Editor:

 Do you want to move to a utopian town? No, I am not referring to West Hempstead or the Five Towns. It seems that Elon Musk is planning one such town in Texas, although I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him. I think that once his employees are embedded in his Truman Show town, they’ll be fired.

What prompted me to think about an ideal town (outside of Yerushalayim, Modiin, and “l’havdil” Boynton Beach, Miami, and Boca Raton) is that I, too, would like to create such a metropolis. First, of course, would come the four shuls (even an island with one survivor has two shuls), a mikvah. a mikvas keilim, and a myriad of co-ed yeshivos and a Bais Yaakov and Tiferes-Moshe-style yeshivah. In addition, there will be a Touro University and YU for higher education.

What is missing from KGH would be added to this town. We must have a women’s shoe store and a children’s shoe store. I’m tired of schlepping all over Long Island to play Cinderella and find a well-fitting shoe. After trying on many (20?) pairs of shoes, I’ll be ravenously hungry, and I’ll need to go to Traditions or Dougie’s with its “All You Can Eat” Monday specials. Remember that? Then, to shed the extra pounds (I don’t mean taking Ozempic), I’ll proceed to the batting cage where I will attempt to hit all the balls that come out of the machine. If I’m still standing, I’ll go to the miniature golf course and putt all the balls into the holes. After these extreme sports workouts, I’ll head to the Barnes & Noble, where I will “digest” a bunch of best sellers not available in the local library and sip a hot coffee.

Finally, I will return to my house, which will have turrets, a modern stainless-steel kitchen, and a minimum of four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a study. What’s more important, though, will be the requisite fenced-in yard with a view of anything but the bricks and alleyway that make up my current view. Therefore, move over, Elon Musk! This town will beat your town any day. I just need your money.

 Debbie Horowitz


Dear Editor:

 After the Biden administration sent one billion dollars to the PLO, Jewish murders by terrorists rose 900 percent.

This fact should make every one of us cringe with shame and horror. What can we do? Donate to: Help ease the trauma and the cruel injustice that so many of our precious brothers and sisters have had to endure, their families torn apart. Go onto the website and read of all the time, effort, and expense needed to bring some normalcy back to each family.

As we’ve just finished Pesach, we know that freedom for all Jews in our blessed Land of Israel is still a dream. In memory of Lucy, Maia, and Rena Dee, please open your wallet and give.

Am Yisrael Chai!

 Rivka Olenick Gitnik


Dear Editor:

 Let us celebrate Earth Day, April 22, all year long. Recycle newspapers, magazines, glass, plastics, old medicines, paints, and cleaning materials. Leave your car at home. For local trips in the neighborhood, walk or ride a bike. For longer trips, consider many public transportation alternatives already available. Use MTA, NYC Transit subway or bus, LIRR, or NYCEDC private ferry. They use less fuel and move far more people than cars. Employers offer transit checks to help subsidize a portion of the costs. Utilize your investments and reap the benefits. You’ll be supporting a cleaner environment and be less stressed.

Many employers allow employees to telecommute and work from home full or part time. Others use alternative work schedules, which help staff to avoid rush hour gridlock. This saves travel time and can improve mileage per gallon. Join a car or van pool to share the costs of commuting.

Use a hand-powered lawn mower instead of a gasoline or electric one. Rake your leaves instead of using gasoline-powered leaf blowers. The amount of pollution created by gasoline-powered lawn mowers or leaf blowers will surprise you.

A cleaner environment starts with everyone.

Larry Penner